W6R2 phew

Another one ticked off. Wasn't the most enjoyable session to say the least. I felt tired and was glad to finish. Second lot of 10 mins was a bit easier than the first but both were a bit hard work. BUT I stuck with it and am onto the last session of week 6....23 mins continuous, I so want to hear Laura tell me I'm a "real runner"! Ha! More like real shuffler but hey the speed will come :) On the plus side at least tonights run got me out of my horrible mood after spending 2hrs stuck in traffic on my way into + home from work. I would have usually put my pj's on and done nothing after a commute like that. So I'm grateful to C25K for that. Good luck to all those psyching (sp?) themselves up for their next run x


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8 Replies

  • Well done! That is a great achievement, speed is not of importance right now, you are working your way through a challenging programme and doing brilliantly! Its great when you get yourself out for a run to de-stress instead of giving in. YOu should be very proud :-)

  • Thanks very much Deryn61, yes its good to know that just getting through each session is getting me closer to the holy grail (30 mins). I am proud of what I'm doing, as we all should be. Thanks again.

  • You are doing marvelously, Leyther!! I found R2 to be the hardest run of almost every week!! It seemed that no matter what the program was for a week, that R2 always took it's toll on me!!

    You are ticking those runs and weeks right off!! In just a few short weeks you will be sporting that dandy "Graduate" badge!! :-)

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Cheers Steve. Its weird that isn't it, bet its because R1 you just want to get it out of the way so passes relatively easily, but with R2 you know what's coming so you know how hard it is!! And by R3 we've done it twice before so we know we can do it! :)

  • Week 6 already, can you believe it? :-) You are doing fantastic! Laura may tell you that you're a runner in week 6, but I think we all become runners in some way when we decide to commit to the program. Only 1 more run to week 7!!!! You can do this!!!! :-) Gayle

  • If it wasn't for the aching legs Gayle, I wouldn't believe it! Fair comment on us all being runners no matter where we are on the program. Nice medal by the way ;)

  • Well done Leyther1. I just ran W6R2 this morning and I have to agree it seems much harder than the 20 minute run in W5R3 I think it must to stopping and walking in between that throws you out of the rhythm but like you I stick to the task and trust in Laura and the plan as so many have done before us. Keep going and we will get that graduation badge soon.

  • Thanks and well done to you too exwightman, one left then it's week 7 for us!

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