W6R2 Killer :(

Morning all

Competed R2 last night & OMG it nearly killed me, literally & I have no idea why. Ok maybe it was because I was a tad unwell yesterday & the day before with my illness, feeling very off all day but was determined to go out so I did. Maybe I shouldn't have as I got home & almost had one of my episodes :( 

20 minutes later, heart monitor at the ready for my cardiologist & laid on the freezing cold kitchen floor I was sort of back to normal & felt ok ish. This dodgy ticker is rubbish!!

My knee still played up for the first 10 minutes or so but then was fine as usual. After a great previous 4 runs I'm hoping it was just a bad run & Sunday will be all good again for my 25 minute run. Think I'm glad the interval running is now over but still a little apprehensive that this is it, the home straight is looming in 3 short weeks.

Good luck all running this week xx


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13 Replies

  • Hi well done and glad you are ok now :) 

    Probably better to be cautious and take extra days rest when needed as hard as that is .  As you are so close to graduation another few days here and there won't matter 

    Good luck with the remaining runs :) 

  • Thanks Rob, I have a few days rest now as I always have Fri & Sat as rest days so will see how I am Sunday evening & run as normal if I'm all good. Fingers crossed x

  • Remember that for next time.  If you've been poorly, take an extra few days off.  No point killing yourself for a run!

  • Thank you, just not that easy with my illness as I don't know if & when it will strike. It's actually doing me some good this running/exercise lark just doesn't feel like it if I'm having an off day. Not had a call from my Nurse so my readings must be ok. Thank you xx

  • I know what you mean!  MS is a roller coaster ride too.  After 2 years of running, I have learned to listen to what my body's telling me and not let my stubbornness get me into too much trouble.

  • Hahaha I think that's what it is. I'm newly diagnosed after being misdiagnosed for 23 years so get my stubborn head on saying you are not stopping me living a normal life. Takes some getting used to as I'm sure you will know & as my condition is relatively unheard of & not much known about it it's hard to adjust & accept there's nothing that can help x

  • Feeling off-side.. walk away.. always run another day!!!

    You rest up... maybe as you say, you were not fit enough to head out. You need to be careful.

    Take it really really slow and steady... and only go out when you know you feel up to it!

    ( I went out when i shouldn't..back on the IC now...my problem, just a crocked knee.. you, brave soul, have a far bigger worry ) :)

    Onwards and upwards :)

  • Thanks Oldfloss, as above I have no idea if & when my illness will strike. No call from hospital as yet so my readings must be ok. They go electronically each night to the hospital (I have an ECG implant in my chest) & if my heart rate is too slow or too high they'd call me in for a check. Will rest up though for the next few days although hitting Doncaster races tomorrow so with any luck & a few wins my heart rate might shoot up but for the right reasons hahaha


  • The wins sound a good result, fingers crossed... but you be careful...resting up and running with folk on here, vicariously is good fun... ! :)

  • I will I promise lol x

  • Congratulations on completing the run Vicky, some runs are harder than others, I found it easier with no split. We are on the finishing straight enjoy the rest of the journey. 

  • Thanks Patrick you too x

  • Good on you for being determined to still run on an off day, just be careful not to overdo it.  I have just started week 6 and didn't like it!  Maybe week 7 will be better for us all round.  Good luck with the next run.

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