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Garmin 305 - well that has been a huge disappointment !

Went out for a walk this morning.

Waited ages for satellites to connect.

Got home, plugged into PC and guess what, it won't upload even though it tells me it has on the watch.

'There was an error syncing to Garmin Connect'

Spent ages Googling the problem - no answer !

I ended up deleting all history and after logging walking round the garden I tried again.


Just as well runkeeper logged it.

I thought this was going to be great but am now sitting here all disappointed.

An hour of my life that I won't get back.

Seems like this is a problem that thousands of others suffer from.

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Aw Richard ! The bane of Garmin owners everywhere ! Just a suggestion, have you made sure that the watch is firmly connected to the cradle ? I know sometimes that if I take it out and put it back on again , it sometimes works then or there may be a problem with the Garmin upload at Garmins end .

I sympathise , this has happened to me loads of times, it can be a bit temperamental at times. If mine doesn't upload, I keep it , and then at a later stage you can always try again and see if it works.

I am having problems with mine. I have given it a stern talking to and locked it in a cupboard as a punishment ! :-)

I am sure there will be someone along who's more tech minded than me ( doesn't take a lot ha ha ) to help xxx

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Thanks Christine but have unclipped and reclipped about 10 times - nothing chages !

I am a bit crestfallen and by looks of things on Google it is a regular occurrence.

Pointless waste of time BUT Runkeeper synced the moment I got in, all seamlessly etc etc

Everyone said that phones weren't accurate but at least they work.

The watch is no use to me if I cannot upload the information.

Cannot express how deflated I am.


Hi Richard,

Now you know why the 305 was going cheap!

Forerunner 305 is nine years old now, and that 'syncing over a USB cradle' was never a very satisfactory way to get your data into Garmin Connect. No doubt your smartphone connected to WiFi as you got up to your house and everything was seamless.

You'd have a much, much better experience with the latest Garmin running watches. A 225 _can_ sync via the cradle, but you'd most likely sync it via Bluetooth (and your mobile phone) to Garmin Connect.

fr620 will upload data to Garmin connect over WiFi.

I wonder though if this is a profile problem, though. Did your colleague (I think you bought this from a friend) make a full factory reset of the watch, or maybe it is still connected/associated to their profile? Perhaps Garmin connect does not link this watch to your profile (yet)?

Alternatively, is there a firewall or VPN problem stopping the data getting to Garmin?

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When you connect it to your computer can you see the Garmin device when you look at "My Computer" If you can .. you may be able to browse to it and find a folder that has the file for your run.. I think the files have an extension of ".fit". If you can access this then you may be able to go into Garmin Connect and then import this file instead of using the auto upload function.

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Don't have a problem with mine, have to push page/menu button to locate satellites first though.I take it you've done that? When you go on Garmin express/connect, your dashboard should come up, the click on the 3 bars at top of left hand column, your run details & course should show.

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Don't delete stuff til you've managed to upload. GArmin is a bit flaky and sometimes there are connectivity issues. The hill elevations often go AWOL for example or it says you can't sync. Very often it's synced by the time you get the error message. I always double check if I get that message now cos I don't believe em. Very often the run is already downloaded and sitting there on screen.

It's so annoying I know. You want to jump on the darned thing don't you. The read out on mine has changed for some reason and I'm not getting the screen I expect to see when I try and save a run. Wierd! Some update I dare say. Tsk

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Garmin Connect has a mind entirely of its own. I have a 405 and it can be temperamental (why some people give their Garmins male names, I have no idea) Sometimes it syncs while I am still unlacing my shoes, sometimes it backs up for a couple of days and uploadeth nought (usually when I have done some kind of record distance or PB and am eager to see it onscreen). It always comes good in the end though. Can be frustrating when it doesn't though. I seem to recall I had a few days of teething problems getting mine communicating with the computer when I first got it. You could always go out for a run to work off the irritation... ;)

Am surprised they are still making the 305 and 405 actually. I assumed they had been superceded by the 310/410


Yes I would definitely persevere with it Richard . It is a pain at times, but its good once its uploaded and you can check your pace/speed throughout different stages of your run .

Try it again when you go out for a walk later with Stanley :-) xxx

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Garmin Express tells me that it's connected with the model / serial number etc

The watch itself tells me that it's uploaded BUT GE says syncing error.

Tried all of your suggestions but nothing seems to work.

MarkyD I shall go through your post with a toothcomb later but sadly I have to go to work shortly.

I will have another go later when I have time but from what I have read today, this is a Garmin problem that surfaced when they introduced Express.


Oh waht a shame, your first run with your new watch :-( Don't give up they are brilliant when they work. xx

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Tried to sync it again before I came to work but it's just not happening.

Seems to be a software issue from the Garmin side.

The watch itself worked great on my walk this morning and I even had the heart rate monitor on !

Found out that my resting heartbeat was 70 !

It's just the side that I can't control that seems to be the problem.

My buddy who sold it to me said he just plugged it into his laptop and it was fine.

He now.has a much newer watch that syncs automatically.

Chances are that I am now going to have a look at a newer one and quite fancy the tom tom runner cardio.

I may film what it does on syncing and post it here but thank you all for your help.



Don't give up on it Richard, Im sure it will work sooner or later . These things are sent to try us , this happens to me a lot . Not ideal , but it does manage to upload eventually :-) xxx

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