Well that was a disaster too

I went for a run tonight after work. I did about 3.8 miles but had to walk at least a mile of it. I keep getting chest pains, muscular i think (hope)! I think the problem for me is running after work, i was already exhausted and in fact needed a kip before i went out. Last Saturday i went out and did a total of about 9 miles but walked about 2 miles.

What do you reckon peeps? Does anyone run better on days off rather than after work? x x


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43 Replies

  • In sync again Ed. Running after work is sometimes so hard. Please get you chest pains checked out. I don't want to lose you now xxx

  • Hi Sian, we sure are! I am so tired after work as Saturday proved. If the chest pains continue i will love dont worry x x

  • Please look after yourself. If you were nearer I'd give you a physical myself. After all, I am a health professional! Xxx

  • Can i ask the content of the physical? I know nothing about medical matters! x x

  • I don't think I should give you the details here. We'll get told off! X

  • Tell me in private then pleeez x x

  • Hope I'm not intruding here!

    Running when tired is a completely different kettle of fish to running when feeling good, not surprisingly. My worst runs have all been when I've been hyper-stressed or not had enough sleep the night before.

    I do eat plenty though. ;)

    Checking with the dr does seem sensible too - bet you're absolutely fine, if pushing yourself rather hard, but at least then you'd know and wouldn't have to worry about it.

  • Hi Green, i thinks its just tiredness but also i have been on a bit of a starvation diet which hasnt helped. i have lost a stone though x x

  • Don't get me started on your starvation diet again! Suffice to say I hope you learned your lesson young man! X

  • Yes i have madam, i have eaten loads recently x

  • BigEd, you need to make sure you body is properly fulled before you go a exerciser. Don't starve because apparently you will pay for it later.

  • Make sure you're eating properly to fuel your body for the running you're asking it to do ;) And yes, get those pains checked out! You've made amazing progress - I still find 30 mins very tough, having graduated 3 months ago! - so don't risk an injury now...

    I'm trying to imagine ever feeling that 3.8 miles is a disaster (although in fairness I do understand that if you've regularly run more than that, it will feel like a bad run). Just remember the sainted Laura's wise words that even a bad run is better than no run at all. ;)

  • Hi rainbow, wise words and thanks for the advice and ancouragement

  • Hi Ed

    Bad run for me yesterday and theres a few more posts on here saying the same, must be something in the air?!

    Just wanted to echo Sian and say go and get your ticker checked out asap, probably muscular like you say but at least if you know that, it won't pull you up when you feel it, I know if I got chest pain I'd be placing myself in the recovery position and dialling 999 never mind stopping to walk!

  • Hi Khrissy

    Thanks for that, yes i will. I have been under a lot of stress recently and i know that is a trigger. I hope you have a better run as well x

  • Best go to the doc just to check things out. I also got chest pains a few weeks back and it turned out my blood pressure had gone up and a change of meds is now sorting it out albeit I have to do walk/jog intervals until I am given the ok at the end of the month.

    So do as your told!!! lol

  • Hi Peabea oh really? Thats not good, thanks for the heads up, Ed x

  • Remind us - when did you start this training? :)

  • And shouldn't you have a badge by now?

  • Greenlegs - how come you now have your badge and I don't? I feel a strongly worded message to our leader coming on ;-)

  • Well I'm wondering too - specifically came to look at this to see if you'd got it yet - I feel for you! I think that PeaBea sent a message to someone about it - but I'm not sure who! I did send a comment yesterday using the 'feedback' box at the top of this page (saying thanks for my badge, but there are others who haven't got them yet) but no reply yet. How did you apply for yours? Hope it arrives soon - it's silly, but it does feel good to see it!

  • Well its been a bit hit and miss. I actually started 2 years ago, i did some running in 2011, virtually none in 2012 until Nov when i restarted it again. I guess i should have a badge by now, i go Parkrunning which is 5k x

  • Go and get your badge! You definitely deserve it - not sure why you need to mention parkrunning when you can do oodles longer runs too. (Or maybe you're making it all up! :O )

    Or maybe, shock, horror - you don't want a badge? Surely not?

  • Hi green yes i deffo go Parkrunning and deffo

    want me badge. Ed x :-)

  • Ed, are you hydrating enough during the day before a run? I also find eating some protein and carbs help me tremendously a few hours before a run. Nothing much, maybe a slice of ww bread with some natural peanut butter. I find running after work to be stressful and wearing. I much prefer a weekend mid-morning run. Wishing you the best! Gayle

  • Hi Gayle thats exactly what i do and i also prefer to run in the morning. I am exhausted after work :-( x x

  • Ed - thinking more of the 9 mile run you did, think more quality than quantity. For me it would be better to do a 6 mile run comfortably without walking than to do 9 miles and struggle. Once you have mastered 6 then the next week you do 6.5 (if you can do another half so be it).

    I'm with everyone else re the chest pains get the checked out with GP.

  • Hi morning i see where you are coming from. The problem

    is though i have to walk sporadically so i think i would find

    it tricky to do that. Its worth a try though. Maybe plan a 5

    mile route, prepare and go for it. Good advice thanks very much

    Ed x

  • Actually i am still having chest pain but it goes around my

    back as well like i have strained it. Probably at work as my

    job is physically demanding. Ed x

  • So are your extra-curricular activities (given half a chance)!! xxx

  • Please go and get checked out at the GP's. I'm sure it'll all be fine and may indeed be related to not eating enough of the right things....but do it!

    And by the way, I think you should get your graduate badge too.


  • Hi Soozz thanks for the concern, its amazed me how many people have advised me to see the doc! I should apply for my badge shouldn'y i? Ed x

  • Hi BigEd, Look after yourself and get to the Doctors even if it’s nothing it’s better to be safe than sorry. You have given so many people encouragement when they have been going through the C25K program, me included we don't want to lose you. I am lucky enough to be able to work from home two days a week so get up early and run first thing and run early at the weekends, I don't think I could run after work I would be too tired and I know I wouldn’t be so motivated.

    All the best Exwightman

  • Blimey everyone i am incredibly humbled

    by everyones concern for my health. Thanks

    everyone i really appreciate it. Its still sore

    today so perhaps i should :-( Ed x

  • Get yourself to the doctor or I'll have to come over there and kick your butt! x

  • Ooh blimey thats not a pleasant concept x

  • Just do it!!! (I love you) x

  • Hey Ed wonderful to see you back! Get yourself checked and perhaps opt for a little more of a consistent planned approach rather than running until you can't anymore, as your body will be able to adapt to the runs and recovery better. You definitely deserve your badge and been great encouragement to us all.

    Jems x

  • Thanks very much will do. Ed x

  • Hope your feeling better Mate! Or at least less sore!

    Did you book your Gp app??

    I know, I know, just a gentile prod...Lol

    All the best


  • Hi Dale Well my legs are ok, chest is still an issue. Getting to see the doc is a prob as i work all week, i will try though, Ed

  • Hi Ed, go check out those chest pains asap. None of us want to lose you! Delia xox

  • Hi Delia thanks very much. They are gone now so i guess

    everything is ok. If it happens on Sunday when i go running

    i will deffo go. Ed x

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