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Well that was a surprise!

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Ok..so after completing a big project Monday morning I went out for W8R1. It was raining and sludgy in places under foot but I went all the same and did the 2 laps round the lake. I'm sure in places I could have walked quicker however I kept with it, drips coming from my nose but managed 28 mins.

I've had 2 days rest today and my goal was to to do 2 laps..and a bit to get to 'that bench'. It's uphill so it was a reasonable target to extend my time to 28 mins in better conditions.

I got to the bench..with still some into the tank...got to the bridge...then...I finished the third lap...I ran 5.1k!!! I'm a little earlier than I thought it should be done but a steady pace took me back to the start rather than walk it!! My question is - does this mean I have graduated?! I'm still in total shock. I've taken a picture to show you all (I promise you it's mine). What a day 😜

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Well done, that is a great effort.

Alas, it does not mean you have graduated.

ClaireyP25Graduate in reply to Dunder2004

I thought you might say that ha ha. Still surprised with myself...I guess there are still 4 more runs to do 😊


Wohoo! Well done! I guess technically you have not graduated quite yet but that should be a pice of cake after this run :D Nothing can stop you now!

ClaireyP25Graduate in reply to Minimaxi

Piece of cake..ha ha. I'm wondering if it is a fluke! Going to try again on Saturday morning. Thing is ive done it once now so I know I need to push/continue with it. Xx

Dunder2004Graduate in reply to ClaireyP25

Just a word of caution. Overuse and doing 'too much too soon' is the most common cause of niggles and injury.

ClaireyP25Graduate in reply to Dunder2004

Thank you. I still wonder if I will be walking some of that third lap but it just felt right today...I actually 'enjoyed' it. 😊


Well done ! Sometimes like in nature or anything your running can come on in leaps and bounds. I used to run around a smaller lake about 750 metres perimeter and once decided "why bother to walk half the last lap see if I can run it". Felt good on the day and did it.

Don't think I repeated it the next week just did gradual increments in time but eventually did the extra lap regularly after couple of weeks.

Think as others will say take it steady but if occasionally you feel good on the day why not do a bit extra. Main thing is to avoid injuries and be happy but avoiding the injury couch !

ClaireyP25Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks Joe. I totally agree. It felt right today. I would love to do it again but injury would be such a set back now after nearly 8 weeks of hard work...and support from you all. I would not like not to go out at all now!


A few more to go I am afraid, but you KNOW you can do it.. So, enjoy the last runs to the podium... The party will be waiting !!! Well done!

ClaireyP25Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you! It's nice to know it's possible to do the distance 😊

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