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It’s been a while

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Well just thought I would pop in and say hey. I haven’t been in for ages. If anyone has any doubts about c25k don’t. It really works. My journey stated in January (I think 🤔) when I stated this I was about 17stone and had all the doubt about being unfit to fat and unable to do this. As every week passed I was surprised that I was able to do it (run). I got ahead of the program a little and was running for longer then I should of in actuall fact I think I did 7 30 minute runs. I’ve carried on with the running and still do it now. I’m not running every other day maybe just once a week. But I’ve carried on with being healthy. This time last year I weighed about 20st I’m now 13st13 any way hope this helps any people that has a bit of doubt that with a little will power you can do this. The picture was taken 12 months ago and the mirror photo taken Tuesday

8 Replies
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First of all congratulations on your weight loss I bet you feel a lot better in health and how you look. It's great what you can do if you put your mind to it. Keep it up and keep posting good luck😊😊

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Wow! That’s some mighty fine results from your hard work. Well done Doug! Makes me wonder what you can achieve in 2019...

Wow congratulations! No only have you done really well but you've kept it up! Running is obviously life changing for you !

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That's so inspiring! Amazingly well done - congratulations and have a great 2019.

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Great to hear on all levels 👏

And thank you for sharing your success to inspire others 👍

Keep up the good work and have a happy and healthy 2019🙌

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what a fabulous achievement. you must be feeling fantastic!

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Amazing! You must feel so much better 🙂

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A massive congratulations to you! Seeing things like this is so inspiring. If you can manage this just imagine what else you can do with dedication, determination and focus!

You're looking fab! Well done, you should be very proud indeed :)

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