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A great disappointment??

Week 9 Run 2 today and I ditched Laura. I just put my ipod on random shuffle and of went body and I. It was a beautiful morning to run. A little rain, a little sun, a little breeze. It was just the sort of morning we runners (lol) dream of. It's a pity that child number 3 thought last night was a good night for being up all night so I was feeling a bit tired. So much so that when my ipod started choosing somewhat slower than normal tunes I was fairly grateful. As I had no Laura I needed to quess how long I had run, but since this is a fairly well trodden route of mine I felt ok about it. I choose my end point and even put in a bit of sprint at the end. There were no gremlins, no doubts, very little uncomfort. I was feeling pretty good.

That was until I looked at MyFitnessPal. Yes I'd run for 31m33sec YES!! That was the good news. The bad? Well according to the app I had only covered 2.87k. Considering at the weekend I did 4.5k in less time I was gutted. Either the way markers at the weekend were wrong, the app was wrong (not unheard of as the gps drops out) or I really did run that slowly. No wonder I had no gremlins, they's out run me, grrr ;-) Still it was a great run.

Can I managed to put it all together for my final run on Thursday? I'm not sure as I only have a limted time on Thursday so my graduation run might be moved to the weekend. We shall see. I really want to finish by doing the 5k.

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Hey, AnnaDJ, only one run left! Well done! Wouldn't worry at all about your distance: a) the app is quite likely to be wrong, b) doesn't matter cos you had a good run and did over and above the required time, c) you've already proved you can do 4.5 k. I feel a bit of a fraud cos athough I graduated 10 days ago I still haven't actually done 5k.

Enjoy your graduation run, whenever it is!


I've spent an hour this morning going through my previous runs on the app to see if I'd really run than slow, and I'm glad to report it wasn't as a bad as I feared. I didn't break the 4.5k mark but I now know that the run was somewhere between 4 and 4.5k. It looks like the gps dropped out halfway through the run and then tried to make up the bit it missed by cutting off an entire corner of my run. Thank goodness as I didn't think I'd run that slow. I'm not a fast runnert but that run made it look like I'd crawled around the route. ;-)


Endomondo did exactly the same to me a week or so ago. I thought I'd really really slowed down my pace for the 20 minute run and it told me I'd only done 1.67 miles. Then when I did exactly the same route for the next run it told me I'd only run 1.12 miles. I looked it up on, which tells me the route is 2.1 miles. When I went into the maps section of endomondo I saw it had missed off a whole chunk of the route (different chunks each time) I think it must have lost the gps. Now I really only use the app for the time.


I'm glad you worked it out, GPS can be a bit unpredictable at times especially on phones.

Earlier this week my phone refused to find a satellite because I went west out off the drive rather than my usual east, it didn't get a signal until I started heading back west again, go figure ! Net result it lost the first km of my run.

I'm glad you enjoyed the run though


Good luck for the graduation run. You can do it!


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