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What a huge disappointment!

I was quite excited when I came across Couch to 5K, but then realised that I couldn't use it. Not only do I not own an MP3 player (What is an MP3 Player?) but I have very limited hearing, so cannot access information in this way. I had hoped to be able to print something out and read it. This is pure discrimination against the hard of hearing.

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You can find the programme in written form here:

Enjoy your first run!


Thanks Phil72, I've just printed it out.


Have you checked out Connevans' website. My son has severe/profound hearing loss (since (before) birth), although he does make good use of his hearing aids (doesn't want an implant). He's benefited in the past from direct input leads for his HAs, the sound from his phone is directly fed into the HAs.

Connevans is at They are very approachable and knowledgeable, it may be worth contacting them to see if they can help.

The only benefit to using an mp3 player (portable digital music player) rather than written instructions is that you don't have to physically time your runs, you're told when to; but if you can programme your phone or watch to vibrate at intervals corresponding to the times you need to run/walk then that would make it easier.


Very best of luck with the programme.Its very rewarding and there's loads of support here,so keep coming back to report your progress,won't you ?


I think an important part of the podcast you will not get in the written form is the feedback and encouragement whilst you are running. This helps a lot to keep people motivated when they feel tired.

I'm not sure if this is of any help, but can you find someone who you wants to join you on your start of the programme? Maybe this site could find you a running buddy?

If you prefer to be on your own you can use a device to time your runs such as a stopwatch which won't cost much at all or your mobile phone.


Hi there, try and find someone to go with you. I only have hearing in one ear, so I have persuaded my husband to come jogging with me and he tells me when to start and stop. It is also really good to have him around to help support me.


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