Great Scottish Run - Half Marathon done. 26 minutes faster than last year!

Great Scottish Run - Half Marathon done. 26 minutes faster than last year!

Just finished the Great Scottish Run - Half Marathon - today. Managed to do it 26 minutes faster than last year.

It is thanks to the C25K training that I managed to do it faster.

I still have a long way to go with both C25K and with running in general. Pleased with today's result!

I have slight groin pain. I hope it goes away soon so that I can resume my C25K training :-)


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31 Replies

  • Wow Ash ! That is absolutely brilliant , fab !!!!

    I watched this on telly this afternoon, it looked amazing . Many Congratulations to you on a fantastic achievement !

    You must be the only person ever who's completed a HM before Graduation ! Ha ha :-)

    Take a bow Ash, that is amazing ! Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy :-)

    I have done a few Half Marathons and Tough Mudder. However, I have taken too long.

    Last year I took 3:48 as I just walked the same Half Marathon.

    This year, I did it in 3:21. I was running one min and walking 2 mins to recover.

    Still a long way to go and hopefully graduating here will help me get an sub-3-hour time.

    I know, I am mental doing the long runs before graduating :-)

  • Well done. that's a great achievement.

    Do you mind if I ask, though - the last post i saw of yours you were taking a break in W4 due to a cold, and now you have managed a Half marathon... how have you got from 5 min runs to a 2+hr run in a couple of weeks?

  • Thanks Rig.

    Yes, I was on a break in the middle of W4 and was devastated. I spent the time on building up my play list, resting and recovering.

    My antibiotics course finished just yesterday.

    Yesterday I visited the gym and worked on my plan for today. Which was:

    1 min run

    2 min walk


    Walk every incline and run every decline.

    The gymboss app and my running playlist helped a lot.

    Final time was 3 hours 21 mins. Still waiting for the official time though.

    I walked. But I walked much less than I did last year thanks to C25K training.

    If I hadn't had a chest infection, I feel I could have run more/longer.

    Fingers crossed for next time :-)

    And hope to get back to C25K this week.

  • Chapeau, sir. that's a great attitude, a great strategy and a great result

  • Thanks Rig.

    I would give the credit to C25K and all the excellent support from the members for the result.

  • Youre not mental Ash - you are flippin' amazing !!!

    A few Half Marathons and a Tough Mudder ?? - That is proper hardcore !

    Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy.

    Some half marathons like the Edinburgh Half Marathon have a time limit of 3 hour 15 mins.

    I find that ridiculous. But there it is.

    With C25K, I am hoping to be able to run 5K, 10K and eventually half and full marathon.

    It took me 5 and half hour for Tough Mudder!

    Long way to go. But I will get there :-)

  • Well done Ash, you are doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy :-) xxx

  • Hi Ash

    Briliant! Well done! Although I've graduated I haven't signed up for anything yet, and I think you may just have inspired me to do so!

  • You can definitely do it Viv...go for it!

  • Fantastic Ash 😀 I so wanted to be there today it looked amazing. Thinking of trying out for this next year. Well done on your time brilliant

  • It is the most well organised half marathon Dawn.

    And the support from the crowd, participants and volunteers is amazing!

    Online entry for next year is open and I have already signed up :-)

  • Thanks Ash will have a look at the entries 😀

  • Well done Ash! So pleased you made it to the race at all what with your poorly spell and all! The power of positive thinking ey!!!

    Very many congratulations. Have a good rest before putting your running shoes back on.

  • Thanks MissWobble.

    Last week, I was thinking - What should I do? What should my plan be?

    Tried out the plan at the gym with the simple C25K Week 1 Run 1.

    And simply made a slight change and kept going on and on and listened to my body :-)

    The thought of not participating never entered my mind.

    Thanks for being part of my support network :-)

  • Amazing stuff Ash! With that determination you'll soon be a graduate and be onto completing all your ambitions 😆

  • Thanks Ali :-)

  • Wow. Inspirational stuff. Thanks for the post.

  • Thanks Rainbow :-)

  • All seems a bit previous before you have graduated! Mind you don't burn out and do injury, Well done!

  • Thanks Dave.

    I will do my best to stay injury free :-)

  • That is amazing! I think it is fantastic you signed up and adopted a very sensible run walk strategy, that could inspire so many people😀. Actually i think doctors should be subscribing it to lots of people.

    i think i will entering this for next year tomorrow.

  • Thanks Vix.

    All the best for your run!

  • Congratulations Ash - what a brave fellow you are to tackle such a distance at this stage. The run/ walk strategy has served you really well.

  • Thanks Ully :-)

  • Fantastic - those medals are great. I am told that the atmosphere was unreal!

  • There are no words to describe the atmosphere. 13000 runners taking part in half marathon! The place was electric!!!

    And yes, the medals are good too :-)


  • Well done Ash, that's terrific.

    That's a lovely bit of bling too!

  • Thanks a lot :-)

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