Should I sign-up for a 10K run?

Should I sign-up for a 10K run?

Hi All,

Hope everyone is well ;o)

As the title says really, I’m thinking of signing-up for my local 10K run at the end of August.

Initially I had thought it would be too early for me to even consider, however, its six weeks away and I’m really tempted to go for it.

Why the sudden change of mind? Well, last week I started incorporating ‘long/endurance’ runs into my weekly running activity and increased my distance from 5K to 6K. The aim of these runs is to increase my distance at a slower pace. Last night I increased it again from 6K to 7K (you were right, Ian, I couldn’t wait three weeks before increasing it ;o) ). Last night I felt very comfortable at the end of my 7K run and when looking at my split times (pic above) K7 was slightly faster than K1! Next week I intend increasing my distance to 8K, then the week after to 9K and finally to 10K the week after that. If I achieved that, then I would have three weeks until the actual 10K run.

I know the recommended increase should be no more than 10% but I’m feeling fine in these 1K increases. At the end of the day, I could always walk some of the route (but I would prefer not to) if I found the last couple of K hard work.

What do others think? Am I being over optimistic or will my current plan be fine? I have also incorporated strength/hill runs over the last week and this week I’ll be starting speed runs as well, both types of runs are of shorter distances than 5K.


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36 Replies

  • I think that you could do anything you put your mind to! You seem to relish the challenges and I think you would be awesome at 10K - so GO FOR IT :)

  • Go for it - you have plenty of time to train. Two short runs a week and then a longer run on the weekend... You're ready.. DO IT! :) If you can run 8 in that time, you can run 10 in a very respectable time... :)

    (I say this as I'm about to run my first 10K on Saturday!)...

  • Definitely go for it. Those times are perfect and you're right, the slow constant pace is the key to running a 10K non stop. As your time increased very slightly for K7 this shows your body was nicely warmed up and cruising along at a steady pace.

    I was so enthused to make 10K earlier this year. I'd run 7K regularly and even an 8K once, but could never seem to get any further. Until one day I completed my 7K route and stopped for my warm down walk before suddenly thinking "Sod this! I'm going to complete 10! It's only another 3000 metres." I got my phone out, checked endomondo and watched it as I increased my distance, going steadily until finally I reached the magic 10!!!

    Once you've reached 10K ONCE - you'll do it again and again. There's a mental hurdle that once you've jumped it, you're good to go forever!


  • As Aussie says, go for it Paul. I think the 1k steps are going to be fine for you. I would look at doing some core strengthening exercises, though, as this is commonly the area that needs extra work to keep in balance with the areas that your running naturally develops. I found stuff on . You obviously still have plenty in the tank at the end of 7k, so you will find the step up to 10k fairly easy, I suspect. good luck.

  • It's no good asking me, Paul, as you know what I'll say........ ;-)

    Go for it! Take it nice and steady and you'll be fine. Do it! :-)

  • I would say go for it, don't push too hard over the coming weeks you don't want to end up injured or exhausted by the time you get to race day. sign up

  • Wow! Thanks everyone :) I think all the positive, encouraging advice has made my mind up ;) I'm going to go for it :)

  • I would say based on those times Paul, go for it !

    Its a YES from me :-) xxx

  • Well Paul it seems you have already decided to go for it- I would have said 'go for it, you can so do this'- so yes just go for it, you will be fine. Take things steady though x :-)

  • I've done it. I am now registered to run the Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10K on 31st August 2014 ;o)

    Its the 10th Anniversary of this partiular run so good timing ;o)

  • Awesome! You'll rock it...

  • Cheers ;)

  • So pleased that you've signed up. I was reading down the other comments and thinking "Oh for heaven's sake man, just sign up!" and you have!

    There is nothing better than a deadline to make you get ready for the race.

  • Lol, thanks :)

  • Yeah go for it! You'll do it but you do need to be doing some strengthening exercises and or swimming cycling. I did/still do exercise DVD's and yoga as I don't go to the gym, I bought a skipping rope too, walk loads, all to get stronger ready for the longer distances.

    I like the asics training plans as they tell you exactly what to do

    It's not all 10 k by the way. looking at my own 10 k training plan (which I've not started on yet as it doesn't let you train for two races at once) you do 5k, 8 k, 5.6k, 9.7 k, 12.1 k, 4.8 k, 3.2 k, 7.2 k runs. A real mixed bag

    If you prepare properly you'll be fine. Your times are good!

  • Just had a look at this and it looks great - but despite detecting my locale and speaking to me in French, I _think_ its telling me distances in miles (at least it says stuff like "3mi") Anyone know how to change it ? My garmin is in km and I'm clueless about miles.

  • Hi , you can change it in your account settings , there is an option for preferred distances , and you can set it to km from there. Have you set up an account ? xxx

  • Aha poppypug - no I haven't created an account (yet) I just nipped over for a look out of curiosity. But I am now the proud owner of an asics sports bra, so maybe I shall do so !

  • Yep, great stuff, sounds like a plan :-) xxx

  • Thanks Miss W ;o) I looked at the asics training after you mentioned it in a previous post. They look quite good. I've also looked at 10K specific training plans and the runs on those seem similar to what you describe above. I think I'll just stick to what I'm doing and hope for the best ;o)

    I was in two minds whether to jump into one such 10K training programe (starting at week 4 as they are normally over 8 or 9 weeks) or to just stick to what I'm doing now as it seems to be working for me. I think I'll probably just carrying doing what I'm doing and hope for the best ;o)

  • Go for it Paul, you know you want to :)

  • Lol, thanks. You're right, I do want to ;)

  • Go you :) be careful, stead progress and hopefully injury free :) very best of luck :)

  • Thank you. Fingers crossed :)

  • I see you are going for it ! Well done, you seem to relish a challenge so I hope your training goes well. Good luck.

  • Thanks, henpen ;) I do like a challenge ;)

  • To change asics from miles to km you have to register. It's still free to download a personalised training plan so it's worth doing so then you see everything in mins per km

  • My thoughts are that you should pick the slowest of those 1K splits - and run your first 10K at that pace. Your first 10K will undoubtedly not be your last - nor your fastest. Your gradual increase of distance should not come with an additional gradual increase in pace - get the distance first and then get the pace.

  • Thanks, Bazza. Interesting point about picking the slowest split. Thanks for the tip ;)

  • That's a great point Bazza. I'm aiming for my first to be around 6:30 pace which is a 1:05..

  • must :)

    You will be fine....

  • Thanks, JJ :)

  • I'd say go for it!

    Your pace is amazing. I'm usually 7min per km only...

  • Thanks :) I was around the 6.30/7min pace when I ran 6k and fully intended doing that same pace for the 7k and I thought I was until I checked my watch and realised I was running around the 6/6.30min. It felt comfortable which I'm assuming is down to improving fitness/stamina.

  • Yep - we're all getting "slowly faster"... there are limits though on this old boy... :)

    So long as I'm enjoying it... it's all good!

  • Very true, Aussie :)

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