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My first 10K run

Have had a bad past 2 weeks - with the eventual death of a close relative with lung Cancer . Have experienced this sort of thing before - but this was a bad one. Lesson learned -- do everything that you want to do before it becomes too late. Do it - not before you die - but before the Doctor taps you on the shoulder and says your time is coming. You may not actually die for quite some time -- you may remain 'alive" but it won't be much of a life!!!

My first 10 klms - run/walk. Run downhills, walk uphills and run/walk even intervals on the flats. Although I have been running 5 ks for some months now - both run/walk and non-stop -- 10 K's is a LONG way :) - especially for me , a "non-runner" approaching a 68th birthday! I managed to do it in a certain time -- not vital, but as it is part of my training for the 14K Sydney City to Surf in a few months , I am hoping to be able to continue this particular pace right up to and including the race. This would bring me home in under two hours. I am giving my legs 3 days rest until my next short run - they are OK but I can feel that they are a bit "shocked" :) I will have a couple more short 5K runs before going to Sydney for a funeral -- but will attempt to do another 10K along the flat shoreline of Botany Bay while there.

Be seeing you all later.

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Sorry to hear it has been a sad time for you of late.

Wow! 10k is amazing by anyone's standards but (excuse me for being a bit cheeky) at almost 68, it has to be said that's both impressive and inspirational! If I can be that fit at your age I'll be very happy.


Being very fit if technically elderly does not seem to guarantee happiness to judge from my family. Sad.


Yes -- unfortunately , being physically fit is no guarantee of longevity or good health.


Couldn't agree with you more about just getting on with it while you still can… I hope the funeral goes as well as possible.


My condolences Bazza, I think many of us put things off for another day instead of seizing the moment when we can.

Well done for your 10k, that's great, it seems your run/walk method is doing you well.

All the best to you x


So very sorry for your loss of a loved one. Times like these do make us reevaluate and that's a good thing.

I am really impressed that you keep so active in your late 60's when so many of your contemporaries are barely active with some only turning up the tv!

I hope your run next time is a time where perhaps you can reflect on good times and happy memories shared with your recently departed relative and I know it isn't much of a consolation but life must have been quite difficult for him or her and now they are out of pain xxx


My sincere condolences to you.

I absolutely agree with you in doing all you can now, whilst you are able. We cannot turn the clock back and wish. It has taken me decades to go back to running (from when I was a young teenager), looking after young and elderly family with those words in my mind.

I am a female in my 50s and your running is an inspiration to me.


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