I can still run!

Happy to report that -- after 10 "rest days" since my last run :p -- yesterday I was still able to run for 30 minutes non-stop! Stressful day at work meant I had lots of adrenaline to burn I think. I think I ran roughly 4.2K.

Seem to be getting a stitch very regularly always at about 15 mins in, which disappears again after 20 mins usually - anyone got any tips for preventing that? I won't let it make me stop but it does hurt and slow me down! Just annoying more than anything else. What could be causing it?

Also have some questions about Parkrun - 1) If race is at 9am, what time would you recommend getting there, and 2) is there some kind of group warm-up normally beforehand or not (like I've seen with Race for Life)?

Happy Tuesday! I predict another fun day at work for me today...!


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9 Replies

  • Hi Sarah

    10 days off won't hinder your progress too much, in fact you'll have more energy! Luckily I've never suffered with stitch, the lovely Laura says on one of the podcasts that it can be to do with dehydration.

    I would normally get to PR about 20 mins early, but there are limited parking spaces at my local one, and I like a bit of a chat if I can find someone to gossip to! There is no group warm up at mine, can't say for others ...

  • We do have a group warmup -- but I think it is really just a token gesture!! :)

  • Yeh, well done.

    I went through a period of getting a stitch but it seems to have sorted itself out. I didn't change anything.

    As for Park Run. I get there about 20/25 mins early. There is also limited parking at mine but more importantly only 1 toilet and I nearly missed the start once coz I was so far back in the queue!!!

    Jules xx

  • Thanks for the advice Jules!

  • When I was younger , I could never run - and I remember the stitches clearly.

    This time, I have spent more time in LEARNING HOW to run - and never once got a stitch, during C25K or afterwards. I really put this down to the use of rythmic breathing - in other words , breathing to the beat of my feet on the pavement

  • Thanks Bazza! I'll try focusing more on breathing in time with my pace. I did find making rhythmic movements (I was sort of doing vertical crunchies!) in time with my running helped. Must have been a real sight though! :)

  • That's good news. Once you have your fitness, it becomes more durable with time, but it's good to hear evidence of that like this. As for stitches, my personal theory about them is that it's actually a good sign. Your core is engaging properly, but needs some strengthening. (The bad version of the same problem would be a sore back.)

  • Slow down if you can and breath deeply if you carry on getting a stitch hopefully it will subside ..

    As for parkrun I usualy get there 30 mins before mine, mainly to get a parking space ,tends to get very busy .. No group warm up , I now usually do a mix of walk, gentle slow jog for about 5 mins to warm up, when I started I just followed what others were doing :D usually a pre run brief as well .

  • I think group warmups at parkruns are unusual. I've been to 9 different venues and I've never experienced one. I normally aim to get there about 20 minutes early and then do 10 minutes warmup before stopping to chat. You may want to get there a little earlier for your first parkrun. Many have briefing sessions for first timers at about 8:50 and you want to leave yourself time to find a parking spot and warm up first.

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