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Week 2, I own you!

Just back from w2r3, and I did it! Though my path was not straightforward owing to getting the gym opening times wrong...9:30 not 8:30, oops.

I have started building in some resistance training while I'm there too - why not, hey? Love the way C25K makes me feel like that! Got talking to the guy who works there last time and he showed me an endurance exercise that he says will help when running the 5K ...he seemed to think I was training for a race, it make me feel like I have to enter one now.

Anyhow, the endurance exercise is walking on the treadmill at 5k/ph at a 15 incline for as long as you can stand it. Then stop. Mine was 2 mins to start. He's super fit and is up to 5 mins, but as you see it's only a few extra minutes to add on and it will, he tells me, help the oxygen transportation to the muscles while running the distances that I one day hope to run, in that race that he seems to think I'm doing.

Will give it a try next time, seeing as I had to cut today short after the run.

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Well done with completing w2, r3. Onto week 3 next then. :)

Interesting info about the endurance exercise. I assume you did this /after/ your c25k run? ;) I was struggling to get enough oxygen in the last minute of my final run for w3,r1, so maybe this would help. Is it good to do it straight after your run, maybe after the recovery walk? I had a complete rest day on Sunday, and found w3, r1 not too horrendous on Monday, maybe because of this. Just that breathing problem in the final minute. Whereas, the first two runs of week 2 had been really hard, but I had been quite active on my rest days. I usually find that once c25k is out of the way, I have energy left and have been wondering about trying to increase other activity on my run days, rather than on my rest days so much.

Look forward to hearing how you do on your next run and with the resistance training.


Hi, yes for the endurance he suggested after the run. I did c25K on the treadmill and went straight into the cool down walk, then did it after doing the resistance work. The instructor said the muscles would be warmed up after C25K so it's good to do the endurance exercise after.

I am wondering about week 3...3 minutes? Will it be possible?!! The endurance may well help with the breathing. Though I haven't properly used Laura's breathing tip while running, I've been doing it walking upstairs...where I usually get out of breath, and find it helps and think it might be helping my lung capacity overall.

I have definitely found I have more energy in general and have been walking loads more. Thinking of getting back on my bike to see if I've made progress...only managed minutes last time.

Will report back about the endurance and look forward to following your progress too...your are one step ahead so it's good to see where I'm headed next!


I can't breathe to Laura's rhythm (she must run a lot faster than I do!). I manage four footfalls (two left foot, two right foot) before having to breathe out and in again. I've been trying to slow my breathing on my runs, but I still struggled a little today with w3, r2 (will write today's blog shortly). As I had a friend coming round, I had to stop at just the run this morning, but I might try a warm-up walk then some endurance on the treadmill this evening. If not today, then definitely next run. I really need to get my lungs working more efficiently.

Looking forward to hearing how you blasted that 3 minute run. ;)


Love the way c25k leads to greater things! Bet you do a 5k race very soon, beatasthma! :) I do my (treadmill) run first at the gym and then do other exercises (strength, resistance, core etc) and finish with a swim. The gym and pool are at opposite ends of the town so I walk between and then walk 2k home. I've got dogs so even on rest days I'm never without a daily 5k walk. I don't do anything too strenuous on rest days, but I couldn't have a day completely without exercise.


Hee doing a 5K...C25K is helping that not sound totally ridiculous.

You sound like a human dynamo.. I know what you mean though, I've got to the point where I just have to get up and move now, couldn't have imagined that just a few weeks ago.


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