Completed first 5k run at Race for Life

I completed C25K a week before my first ever 5k charity run. I hadn't actually done a full 5k but yesterday I smashed it at Race for Life. Took me about 40 mins but that doesn't matter. Next year it'll be 30 mins :-)

C25K is a brilliant app and I wouldn't have done it without it. I've also had some good advice on here and glad I joined.

What do I do now? Just work on getting faster at 5k?

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  • Well done! You are a few weeks ahead of my (my 5k Race for Life is 5th June) and now you have given me some hope that I will be able to do it!

    As to what comes next... who knows, I haven't thought that far ahead yet as I had no idea that I would get that far! :D

    Did you enjoy the event? Any top tips?

  • Thank you. It was brilliant. The atmosphere, supporters and other runners gave me so much encouragement. I really feel like I've done something worthwhile for such a good cause.

    Only tip I have is just keep putting one foot in front of the other but I'm sure you'll be fine on the day. Good luck xxx

  • Congratulations on your first ever 5k - you'll never forget it. Well done ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Very well done :)

  • I did my 1st and only 5k run right after graduation too. I was so excited and proud. Then winter came, and I suppose I went into hibernation. Now I am on week 6 as I get ready for a charity 5k event in June. My advice is to sign up for an event to keep motivated and aim for a personal best. Congrats to you!

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