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W9R1 done but those last two measly minutes were hard!

I have gave myself 3 rest days as my legs were stiff and achy before I started week 9. I did it but I never thought adding just 2 teeny minutes onto the 28 last week would be such hard work. Do people find their legs get less achy as time goes on as they get stronger? The last few runs have really affected my legs. Do you think I should get a gait analysis and would this help improve the aches and pains?

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Mine ached as well after my first run of week 9 yesterday, I think its those last 2 minutes!!! I think it must get easier as your fitness improves it has only been 9 weeks which I suppose is nothing in the running world! Keep at it and enjoy those rest days.


Thanks lotty. 😊 yes I guess 9 weeks is no time at all especially as I started deeply ingrained in the couch!


gait analysis to a good idea irrespective :) getting the right running shoes for you will certainly help :D

As for legs aching mine still do , sometimes more than others, stretching after your runs is important and I find it is better to move around and not sit in one position for long periods :)


Thanks slow_rob I think I might treat myself to some properly fitting shoes for completing the programme! Well I've nearly completed it! 😊Suppose I will get used to the aching legs. Would just like them to move a bit more easily than blocks of wood.😉


Sometimes a longer cool down works well. You have to occasionally remind yourself that exercise is over, and this is just a time to flush out some lactic acid, but a little bit of briskness is all right eventually.

You can also try longer warm-ups. Apparently the ultra high intensity athletes like the sprinters will do something like an hour and a half of warming up before doing that sprint.

Of course you need to have the time to do this, too.


Thanks Gary_bart. Will try stretching for a bit longer I think as well as doing some stretching on rest days. I have been doing yoga but that tends to make me ache too. Maybe lighter less intense stretching is the key.


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