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take time and go your own speed

Hi, I have just finished w6r3 for the second time but i have been doing this programme for a lot more than 7 weeks.

Week 5 was my issue. I did the whole week three times. Runs one and two were fine but i couldn't complete week 3 until my third try! I didn't want to move on until i proved to myself i could run that long without stopping.

After that w6r3 was great and i did it first time.

Then came a holiday!! So before I attempted three 25 min runs in week 7 I thought it best to repeat week 6, which i have now done so here we go - the homeward stretch to 30 minutes!

I just wanted to encourage any who are struggling to keep going and you will get through those first long runs. I did and I have bought my first pair of size 12 jeans in over 5 years as a reward!!

See you at the end x

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Well done and keep going it's all worth it in the end and on that note the end of c25k is the beginning of new lifestyle so enjoy the whole journey xxx


Congratulations at keeping plugging away. It can be so daunting to get stuck on a week and think you'll never get there, but you kept your head and have achieved greatness!

Not long now till you graduate!


Well done! Great stuff! Our clothes getting baggier, even though we might not see immediate weight loss, is a sure sign your body is getting smaller. You'll soon be toned up at this rate.

Like you say though, no hurry. Slow and steady wins the race


The good thing about taking your time like this is you give your joints more time to adapt, too. As long as we're exercising, we're doing OK.


Very wise advice !


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