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Do you include your warm up and warm down in your distance and speed count?

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Hi guys.

Just completed week 9 podcast 2. 😊

I always did until today. I read someone else's post that said they didn't include the time they spent briskly walking and only considered the actual time running.

I did this today and completed the 5k in the 30 mind run time but JUST! It was covered in like 29 min 40 seconds lol. It was recorded at a much quicker pace of 9'28 though...

My mum who, also runs, always includes her brisk walks in her distance and speed..

Just wondering..what do you guys do?

Thanks in advance.

Sarah xx

11 Replies

Hi, well done on getting this far.

I only record the actual run & not the warm up/ cool down.

For me, I'm pretty slow anyway so including the walk wouldn't give an accurate picture.

Your time sounds pretty quick already though. I can't do 5k in 30 mins yet. Don't forget that the aim of the programme is to get you running for 30 mins & if you can hit the 5k in that time, well thats a huge bonus!

Happy running ☺


I think on the app (and I assume as well on the podcasts) the running time starts counting after the warm up walk and finishes before the cool down walk, so the whole session in wk 9 should take 40 minutes.


It depends on what you are trying to achieve - or record. If you want a total of the time you spend "off the couch", you can add the walking and running times together. If you are interested in what pace you are running at, then you would need to only take note of the time spent running.


I have a fit band which records my time off the couch. I very definitely & proudly recorded my first 5k achieved yesterday on W8R1 :)

... And every step was included. I guess if it's possible I will be even prouder when I am running the distance within the time.


I record all my runs with runkeeper, including warm up and cool down. You can add the warm up and cool down to your time target run. And after your run you can see your pace for different intervals of your run as well as the average pace.

Happy running!


I record everything inbetween the 5 min warm up and cool down walks!


You could use Endomondo to record all of your workout, as it cleverly picks out your fastest 1k,3k,5k etc from your run and so you can tell what your running pace was and record your warm up/down all at the same time.


I just count the running time, except when I am totting up minutes for the government's 150 minutes when I add on 10 minutes for the warm up and down.


Wot they said ^^, depends entirely on how you feel really! Walking is just as good as running when it comes to exercise generally.

But the aim of the NHS C25k plan is to get you *running* for 30 minutes so I never included walking in my times. (and even now, if I have to walk during a run, I almost always add that time on at the end and run a bit further/longer to make up for it...but I guess that's just me...?!)

And there is absolutely no pressure to complete 5k in that 30 minutes, that's not what the programme is about so don't over-reach yourself trying! But well done for achieving it!


Thanks for all your comments and suggestions guys. I think for me I'm gonna try and only really focus on actual.time running rather than include the warm up and down. Def gonna try some of the apps recommended.

I have a fit bit but seriously doubting the running apps accuracy.congratulated me on running 5k in 29 mins, but when I went back to look at it said I'd run just under 3 miles in 29 mins so dunno what's going on there.

Just gonna go and and do the final podcast on sat and see how I get on.

I'm looking forward to graduating...

Sarah xxx


I don't include my warm up and cool down in my "official" time. So if I'm using my garmin, I'll start it after the warm up as soon as I start running, and stop it when I finish running, then do my cool down.


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