How do you increase your speed?

This seems like a daft question (run faster, surely?) but I just wondered if anyone has any tips on increasing speed? I am on Week 7 Run 3 and am managing to complete the 25 minute runs quite easily, as in I'm getting to the end and feeling like I could have given more (bit of a weird feeling considering the week3 3min runs nearly finished me off!!). I'm a bit nervous of running at a quicker pace in case I tire myself out but would like to feel like I'm pushing myself more. Has anyone got any tips for this or should I just focus on graduating first?

Thanks C25kers!


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  • Graduate first. Then c25k+ podcasts

  • Thanks! Didn't even know these existed!

  • If you're finding W7 is manageable, you'll find that W8 is OK, too. It is only 3 minutes longer.

    When you're running, try short intervals of running a little faster. Spot an upcoming lamppost, or a shadow across the path, anything that you can aim for in 50-100metres. Then run faster to that point. If you're still OK, then pick another marker and continue. If you're getting tired, then run at your normal pace to recover.

  • Good advice I was wondering the same I ran W7r3 tonight and only get to 2 miles in the 25 mins. How do I get to 5k in 30 mins?

  • My maximum sustainable (short term) pace is defined by my breathing. If I am really puffing hard then, I am only going to last a few minutes at that pace, so I have to slow to enable myself to breathe easily. If you apply something like this in combination with MarkyD's suggestion, then you should be pushing near maximum potential. With experience, pacing gets easier, but is still one of the most difficult things to master.

  • Thanks so much for your advice.

  • I just concentrate on not kissing the tarmac and making it through to the end of the run in one piece :-D Sometimes something weird happened and I wanted to run faster. Often it was due to Tom Jones speeding the musical pace - there are sites where you can pick tracks according to the beat per minute, and then you can pace your run according to the music you listen to. For the moment I'd just enjoy the running, and leave speed for later on.

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