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Week 3 day 1

Jumped out of bed nice and early to go for my first run of week three! First two runs went ok, didn’t look at my watch once!

Had an extra bit of fun dodging around the ice.

Must admit the 3rd run was a struggle but pushed through and completed it without stopping.

I hope day 2 is easier!

Wondering what people eat, if anything before a morning run?

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Well done... we all have different ideas of pre run food.. hydration even for short runs is essential. I always have a cup of tea and two digestive bikkies about 45 mins before I run :)

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I went for a banana but was pretty hungry towards the end. Can’t beat tea and biscuits though 😍😛


I have half a banana and a glass of water. Keep up the good work!

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Well done 😊


Hi Newrunner88,

Well done on finishing your run😊...

this cold weather you could have a small bowl of porridge if you can eat it about half an hour before you go running. Good fuel and warming......

Good luck with Wk3 R2...nice and steady and you will do it😊xx


Thanks jan, really appreciate the advice x

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