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Week 5 R1

Well that was actually a bit of a shock. In hindsight I think I've coasted along nicely until now. First weeks a bit of a shock to the system but there must have been some underlying fitness there as I never really struggled. Last night I was ssssoooo tempted to slow to walking during the last run 😕 I didn't but oh my I found it difficult. I know some don't like it but for my own reasons I currently run on a treadmill so I know that my pace is steady, though I've had to reduce it by half a mile an hour from week 4. I'm a little daunted by the rest of the week but onwards and upwards. 😈

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maybe if you have looked ahead at run 3 that was playing on your mind, the gremlins will try anything and you have to find new ways of beating them :)

Bottom line you did the run ,pace isn't so important at this stage completing the timed runs is all that matters :)

take each run as it comes slow and steady as always and you will be just fine, good luck :)


Thanks, I've managed not to look ahead as yet so as not to scare myself, maybe that's why yesterday was such a shock. I'll just keep plodding on. If I have to do this week again to be comfortable then that's what I'll do. :-)

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A good chunk of the program is mental. I for one found it really difficult to put in the effort to complete some of the runs. I was tempted to stop a lot not because my legs gave out or I couldn't breath, but because it was just "too much effort". I still get this from time to time and I think back to w1r1. If I make the effort now that I did for w1r1 there is no way I should be stopping.

The gremlins whatever guise they come in conspire to stop you, but you beat them, with flying colours. W5r2 will be better. Don't worry about w5r3. You've spent 5 weeks training for it and although it seems improbable it is doable.


Yes it looks daunting but is doable, take your time go slow, have faith in yourself and "Laura". I remember this week very clearly.



Thanks, I'm sure you're all right, a lot of it, when you start out from a position of being overweight and unfit, is definitely mental. I'm sure I'll be alright. I'll let you know :-)


Egh bit nervous about this one as I'm the same - barring some ankle trouble I've not struggled too much with wks1-4. Wk5 R1 tonight!


Good luck, for me at least I think it's 60/40 mental/fitness. I'll keep going with fitness and hope I can get through the mental barriers. Be interested in your after run critique 😁


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