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Week 5 blues

Hi everyone,

Just felt like I needed to let off some steam to fellow c25kers :)

I have really enjoyed the programme up until this week. Yes other weeks have been hard but I have managed them with a bit of pushing and felt so great afterwards :)

But this week has been so so difficult. I've gone from feeling 'yeah I can do this' back to 'fat arse wiggling and not getting anywhere' mentality. This of course is not helped by me not achieving the 20min goal of run3 on Wednesday. I know its daft, but I've got this block now about going out for a run as I just seem to feel like a fat bird huffing herself around and giving up, rather than oh runner who's doing really well.

I know on paper I've made huge progress and my body is changing in some really fab ways since doing the plan but today I am just really struggling with the whole concept, let alone getting my trainers on for a run.

Part of me thinks to go back to a run where I feel in my comfort zone and build up a bit of a confidence again (like wk5 r1) but then I feel like I'm chickening out of the big r3.

Oh wobble wobble.

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Oh mirandababes it's a shame you're feeling like that, but well done on getting so far!

I'm only just finished week 2, so still in the early stages, but I would suggest to do week 5 run 1 again until you're comfortable and then move on?


You have made huge progress, not just on paper, but in your real life. You have completed 4 weeks and you say your body is changing that is impressive already. As I said in another post we do have to be careful not to beat ourselves up if we are not always on plan. Remember it is not set in stone. Choose the run you would like to do next, it doesn't matter if you have done it before, what matters is that you keep exercising. Could you run for 5 minutes a month ago? Slow but sure, that's the way forwards. I reach wk9 r3 tomorrow but am well short of the 5km but I will aim for it slowly but surely in the following weeks. Look in the mirror and tell yourself something positive 'I am amazing and I can do this' or something like that. We are all here to support you. Keep posting.


You are completely allowed a bad day once in a while, go kick something and swear lots at someone who doesn't mind! You go know of course that nothing is really different now than two days ago you are still the same proper runner :-).Week five run 2 was my nemesis......

Even Paula Radcliffe doesn't finish sometimes!

Keep doing real well like you have so far, its just a day.....keep going forward.


those mental demons can be horrible. when mine come & I have a run Im not looking forward to I pop on some "feel good" upbeat music & get myself into my "I can do anything" mode & get out there. I also chant to myself "its just one foot in front of the other".

dont forget how far you have come. you are doing brilliant :) when I did the 20 min run & laura said you can slow it down a bit if you need to I hit the emergency stop button on the treadmill! I decided to tick that run off & move on to the next one.

if you would feel better repeating the last run, then do that, but dont beat yourself up too much. we all get difficult runs. perhaps you hadnt had enough sleep or hadnt eaten or drank enough. these things can all make a difference.

good luck ~ am sure you can do it :)


Awwww thank you everyone for your lovely thoughts, the support here and on the old forum is amazing and thank you for listening to my self-indulgent whining :)

Well, after typing up that post, I gave myself a good talking too, I decided to go out for a run and thought 'hell, might as well try run3 and just see where it goes. If I had put it off again I would have made an issue out of it for next time so I thought to just tackle the beast head on. Trainers on and off I went...

And blow me down, I ONLY BLOODY FINISHED IT! I ran for a WHOLE 20 MINUTES. I couldn't believe it when Laura said it was time to stop and did congratulate myself rather loudly in a public place and had a tear or two at the same time. I cant believe how on another day the same run can be so different, yes it was hard but I just tried to keep going and slowed down just a fraction (although I probably sped up again straight after).

I just can't believe I - the fat kid in PE 10-15 years ago is the same one now how has just ran for 20 mins! Thats amazing. Laura is amazing, the world is awesome.

And to congratulate myself even more I even washed the car (before it promptly p-ed down lol).

Well no one can rain over my parade today, because I completed week5 run3!!



Well done on finishing! That took guts to get back out there! So happy for you :)


WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!! Congratulations. It's true isn't it sometimes its the mental challenge that is harder than the physcial . Bring on W6!


As above!! You are doing fantastically well Mirandababes!! For goodness sake woman, you've done four weeks of something that takes a lot of courage and bloodymindedness to do! You're allowed to beat yourself up a bit, but only a little bit, then you dig yourself out of the doldrums and remember that your body is a fantastic thing that has already carried you quite a few running miles.

Step back a run or two or a week if it helps with your confidence, what matters is that you don't give up, never, no way! You are still building fitness and there will be fab runs, and great runs and crap runs, that's how it goes. You should read some of my "omg" posts!!

Remember that when people see you running, they aren't thinking you're a fat bird running, they're thinking "wish I could work up the energy to do that, she must be really fit".

Go run girl!!



Ahh, lol, you posted right in front of me...WELL DONE YOU!! Isn't it just the best feeling when it's a good run??? Congratulations - now - onwards and upwards! x



hehe thank you Carole, for the talking to and the congrats :P

I'm still grinning that I did it! :D


Excellent! It is a fantastic feeling when that first 20 minute run is completed. If its any consolation I have more runs that feel really hard going than runs that feel less of a struggle. I always look back to where I was a few weeks ago and then I know I am improving.

Keep running!



well done u :) a twenty min run to me seems a distant dream so it's great to know it can be done :) keep going x


That's brilliant, well done Mirandababes. You will inspire so many people. Woop Woop keep going :)


Mirandababes you Go Girl - I am so chuffed for you.

Loved your blog, really felt for you in your first post [I am heading into wk5 on Sunday and am really nervous] and could really empahise [I'm a fat bird running always pulling my top town over my bum and wishing I'd worn a different bra!].

When I read your further blog to say you'd finished run for 20minutes it was amazing - I still can't get enough of the pride people have when they reach that target. It's such an acheivement and your grit and dertermination got you there, you should be so pround of yourself [I bet your still grinning]

You are running and you are inspiring people - your inspiring me !

Mirandababes YOU ROCK !


awwww mavis! You've made my week!

Honest guys and dolls - I couldnt even run for 5mins the other week, and now I'm running for 20!!! The human body is a marvellous machine.

I dont know if anyone is into photography, but I'm doing a photo journal series called blipfoto, and today is a picture of my runners as my 'trophy' pic lol. and click on the calendar for entry 24/2/2012


Miranda that is FAN........BLOOMIN................TASTIC :-) :-) :-)

Really pleased for you - onwards and upwards now,


Mirandababes, You get a BIG BIG BIG pat on the back from me :) You are awesome for conquering your week 5 demons, I was the same as you and the thought was worse than the actual running!!! Anyhoo, well done you and keep it up,before you know it you'll be running week 9 and thinking "what was all the fuss about"? xxx


Just to say a bit thank you to everyone thats posted here in this blog - you all are an amazing support network for this very unique journey that is c25k, and it makes a real difference. :D

Going out to do week6 run1 in a bit, just waiting for banana to go down :)


gratz mirandababes,

be proud fact be very proud

one thing tho' less of the fat arse wiggiling're a runner now it doesn't wiggle it glides... :)

"he who dares Rodney he who dares"

big pat on the back from me


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