Couch to 5K

Week 4,R1

24 hours after the original plan,and still a bit jaded from whatever was sapping my energy over the weekend,I decided I had enough energy to brave it and have a go at the first run of Week 4. 3.30pm this afternoon,really cool and cloudy but no danger of rain - it had warmed up when I popped into the village shop afterwards (how ironic!) School holidays this week and next in these parts so felt okay that there was less traffic to deal with but had to let a few cars by. And felt less conscious about folks watching me!

Anyway...... I did it!!! :D Feeling very proud,couldn't run for toffee just over three weeks ago,now have for the first time in my life,run for a toal of 16 minutes and didn't feel it - almost did! Ended the run,looked at my tracker - pace equal to my previous best (yes,know I shouldn't be looking at it still,know it's too early but I can't help myself!),but this is my best session to date - have run/walked further than ever before - 4.23km!!

And the session ended at a poignant place - our local cemetery,my mum and my older brother are there - lost both,mum most recently in 2013 and it's an extra reminder why I'm doing this :) Would have been my brother's 36th birthday today too.

Have a few goals that will motivate me - I'll do a Parkrun if I make it all the way to the end and definitely get some new running kit if I make it that far too so extra motivation :)

Was completely scared last night before doing the run today - now,as I usually say when the fear of doing something strikes me (and what could go wrong before what will go right kicks in), "why was I so worried about that? It went fine!"


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That's fantastic! Well done!

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Well done Mark , I am so pleased that your run went well today.

That must have been very emotional for you ending up at the cemetery, I am sorry for your loss xxx

Yes, keep at it , and its a brilliant idea having goals, as it really helps in keeping you focused and motivated . Whats the saying ?

, " Feel the fear, and do it anyway " :-) xxx

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Today it was,different circumstances for them both,mum's was sudden heart related complications (lost her just over 36 hours after she took ill) so keeping heart healthy is important to me.

I think most of the gremlins we get for me,is mental - I am smiling more and more during the runs,thinking of anything other than how long there is to go in a run or the nasties that tell you you can't go on to complete - and it seems to work :) Of course you feel it physically but everyone is unique in the way they approach each run :) Just because one door closes doesn't mean another won't open!


Yes I agree, that is so true.

Theres a saying that goes " In the end , youre not competing against others, youre competing against that voice in your head telling you to quit "

Youre doing great Mark, keep going ! :-)

Sorry about your Mum , that mustve been such a shock for you xxx

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Just keep going Mark, slow but sure, one foot in front of the other. It really is that simple when you break it down into its constituent parts. You have all the motivation you need to stick with it, and you'll graduate just fine. Just go nice and steady. Slow but sure is great.

Improving our health and fitness using C25k is a great idea. You read on the forum so many inspirational stories that it really does spur you on to succeed when you might otherwise flag.

Good luck Mark. Keep the faith!

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Never thought I'd get beyond Week 1 so to get to Week 4 is good :) Sat with the Parkrun registration form in front of me all day and left it blank....


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