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Flagging: Week 5 Run 3 - Week 6 Run 2

Couldn't summon the energy to write anything last week. It was a busy week along with a considerable increase in the running.

I managed the 20 mins of week 5 run 3 on Monday, it was hard mentally at 5 minutes in (“I've got HOW LONG to go?”) and physically I was ready to stop at 15 mins but I did it. It is important for me to know that the programme has prepared me for this, otherwise I might have just given up.

Every blog on this site says that week 6 run 1 was a strangely difficult one, given that logically it should be easier. I gave myself extra stress for this run by arriving at the gym later than I'd meant to and trying to finish it before I had to be at a scheduled BodyBalance class. I was so worried about the timing that I forgot to worry about whether I was finding it easy or hard!

Saturday was the last time I ran and I did week 6 run 2. I’ve discovered that I don’t like running in the mornings, I usually try to get out of bed and go straight to the gym on Saturday. Every time I have done this I have had stiffness in my lower back which is uncomfortable to run with. I guess I should do some stretches before I start. I suppose that by evening I have mobilised my body a bit better and I don’t feel like this in the evenings at all.

I should have done week 6 run 3 last night but I spent yesterday doing a lot of walking about at New Lanark and topped it off with a 5k hike up to the Falls of Clyde which were lovely (bit steep for running though!) I knew I wasn’t going to manage anything in the evening.

Overall I just feel like I’m flagging and this is the point where the runs become more intense! Hopefully I have a better week this week.

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You obviously have more commitment and ability than you realise! You say you are flagging but are still going so that says a lot for you. I've just done W5R2 so hope I have your staying power.


I think the 5K hike was reason enough to postpone, that doesn't sound like flagging at all!


It sounds like you are doing great! I think we all doubt our ability during the program at one time or another. You are getting ready for R3 of W6, you are not flagging by any means. Its sounds like you are active enough that you probably shouldn't worry about the longer runs being to intense for you. If you find them difficult, you could always slow down or repeat a run.


Keep your head up, Mrs. 42!! You have made it to the final run of Week 6 and you don't get that far when you are flagging!! Some weeks don't seem to flow as well as others. Maybe, real life gets in the way of our much preferred running life. I can't explain it, but I know that it isn't flagging!! You are doing great!! One more run and you will have completed 2/3 of the program!! Keep Running!!


Thanks for all your encouragement, everyone. As you say some weeks just don't go to plan.


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