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Race Tourism - Belfast Half Marathon

Race Tourism - Belfast Half Marathon

Good afternoon one and all. ☺

A quick warning to start off with; this post is a travel journal by way of a race report, so there's every possibility (okay, it's highly probable!) that this will go on a bit. And a bit more. Though I am typing all this out on my phone so anything is possible.

Right then, as a few of you know, I signed-up to the Belfast HM back in March; I was the 11th person to sign-up, in fact. Ever since then I've been massively looking forward to it, both the race and to exploring Belfast, which is a place I've never been before but have always wanted to visit. I was worried at one point a few weeks ago, due to my anaemic episode, which I've spoken about a good bit on here, but I've managed to sort it out, with the assistance of iron tablets. Just in bloody (pun intended. Always.) time too as I've a full marathon in three weeks time!

The weeks and months flew by and before I knew it, it was time to head out to Northern Ireland; stupidly excited about this, I was. Talk like Yoda, I do. Anyway, on Friday morning, with great excitement, I made my way to Leeds via coach, and from there on to Leeds Bradford Airport, on a bus that was becoming increasingly packed with every stop; if ever a shuttle bus 🚌 was needed, my God it was there. Survived that Little Journey of Unpleasance (LJU) and into the airport I went. Never been to LBA before; I must say, I'm definitely a fan of the bigger airports. Give me Heathrow anytime, although this place is quite convenient, although it takes three times as long to get to as the flight to Belfast, which is around fifty minutes, I think it was.

The flight was pleasant and before there was any time to do anything, we were landing at Belfast City Airport. (BCA) From there, an altogether more pleasant bus journey down to the bus station, and from there it wasn't far to my hotel. Although early, they kindly let me check-in without charging me extra for being early. Which was nice. Dumping my stuff in the room, out I go into Belfast city. At this point I feel I should thank a friend of mine, originally from NI but now living on the mainland. She's been brilliant in helping with the planning of the trip, and in letting me know where is and isn't safe to go, so a great many thank yous to you for all you've done. 🌼 

First port of call was the Belfast Welcome Centre, (BWC) a fantastic tourist information centre, right opposite City Hall. Picked up a few leaflets and got the Very Helpful Staff (VHS) to arrange me a taxi tour. These are done in black cabs but aren't just a taxi ride, they're a proper tour, with a driver who is very knowledgeable on the history of Belfast; £30 for an hour and a half, but it ran into two hours. My driver was brilliant, truly, and took me on a tour round the murals, and into areas that just wouldn't be safe to wander into on your own; lots of history and information on The Troubles which was deeply fascinating; it's a subject that's always interested me anyway, but to see it all up close and see how things are away from the city centre was amazing. Went to the Falls and Shankill areas, as well as many others. Learnt so much and came away with loads to research and read up on. The murals are amazing; works of art, a good deal of them, and there's new ones popping up all the time too.

Back into town after that for more exploring. Amazingly, only the day before, I discovered the Belfast Culture Night was on, one night of free music, arts and comedy all over the city. I took in as much as I could but by now was shattered as I'd been up for hours and didn't sleep great the night before. So after a bit I called it a night and went to bed.

Yesterday was a great day. Up and fed and then the bus up to Crumlin Road Gaol, which is a former prison but now a tourist attraction. well worth a visit if ever you're in the area. Really fascinating place. Even went into the execution cell, which was quite an experience. After that and something to eat in the cafe there it was off to the viewing platform at Victoria Square shopping centre. A Great Big Dome (GBD) overlooking the city. Not overly high, but nice! After that, it's out to the Titanic Centre, which was really interesting; really good to take it all in, in the very birthplace of the ship!

By this point it becomes massively obvious to me that over the last two days I have spent sooooooooo much time on my feet. And what's a big rule of racing? Don't overdo the sightseeing the day before! Let alone two days before! So, back to the hotel for lasagne then an early night. Fell asleep quite early, but was woken at gone 0200 by a girl announcing loudly, to someone on the telephone, I assume: "ME AND JULIEANNE ARE SHARING A ROOM AND WE'VE LOST OUR KEY"! How decadently careless. This usually happens to me the night before a race, being woken up by someone being rowdy outside the room!

So then, onto the reason we're all here: the race! I awoke at 0633 this morning, and with no time to waste it's down to breakfast as soon as it's available, 0700. Another big Race Day Rule: (RDR) nothing new on race day! I went and ate porridge. I usually have it after a run but never had it before. Hopefully there will be no calamities because of it. Breakfast nommed down, a quick change into my running gear, then it's off back downstairs. Through the restaurant, where everyone seems to shift their gaze to me; I'm the only person dressed in running gear and wearing a bib number! Shuffling past them I go, out into the open, mild air and proceed off to Ormeau Park, where the start line is. Two police vehicles fly past, a marked response car and an unmarked response car, sirens and blue lights on. Thanks to my friend who I mentioned earlier, I had a route there that I knew should be fine, and it was. Encountered a good few runners on the way, including one Polish guy who now lives in London but is doing the Warsaw Marathon next week. Next week. As in, next week. And I thought I was pushing it by having one in three weeks!

Finally arriving in the park, I'm greeted by a Sodding Massive Queue. (SMQ) it's for the lavatories and it really is a gargantuan queue. The organisers did say the facilities would be overwhelmed on the day but I didn't realise to that extent. Found the baggage tent, dropped my bag off but then realised that I'd left my 750ml bottle of water in there. Eventually got it back and oh dear goodness, how glad I am that I did. More on that later!

Out to find the start line now. But where the hell is it?! Hmmmmmmm, not down there. That's the massage tent. That's the tennis courts. That's a marshal. Ah, pacers, walking off. Follow them! I get chatting to a lovely young lady called Sophie who is as clueless as to where we're going as I am, but she too is playing Follow The Pacer. (FTP) Strike up a good conversation with her and we end up running the first three miles together before I press on.

Nearly time now! All the looking forward to the race, all the planning and hard work are now, hopefully, about to pay off. I have a strategy in mind: easyish three miles, then. Kick-off and go for it, then try picking it up at the end. A minute to go. A final check to make sure all is in place. I don't feel too bad considering that last weekend I did a 21 miler, and have walked miles sightseeing in the last two days.

Horn goes! We're off!

By the way, as an aside, I've been writing this for two hours now.

There's three laps of Ormeau Park, for some reason and it's fairly tight so not much overtaking to be done, but I want to take it fairly easy anyway. I run along, chatting on and off to Sophie, to my left. First mile comes in at 8.02. Once out of the park, things open up and there's some overtaking to be done. Can still see the 1.45 pacers; there are three of them. Or perhaps one very large man with three pacer flags; one can never be sure.

Up to three miles now; I sadly part with Sophie but say I'll keep an eye out for her at the end; never saw her after that and never even got an opportunity to get her number. Waaaaah! 😦 Onward, always, to the second pacer. Hang by him a bit then press on. Passing him, with the final one in my sights (not sure why there are three 1.45 pacers, but there we are. Who the hell am I to be a pacer judge?! I should wind my judgemental neck in!) I also pass the first of four Land Rover Tangi police cars, the armoured Land Rovers that the PSNI use. I love police cars, and roads policing in general and, I love seeing these magnificent vehicles up close.

4 miles: first water station. Remember me saying that I'm glad I retrieved my water bottle? This is why: APC - Abominable Polystyrene Cups! God how I loathe them. I loathe their poxy capacity. I loathe that they're difficult to grab and handle at any speed above a snail wading through oatmeal. I loathe that you end up waterboarding yourself while trying to drink from said ghastly receptacle. I hate them. I hate them so much. Did you know? I learnt after the first time I encountered them last year: always carry your own water. Today that paid off. I grabbed a cup, promptly got the water up my nose in trying to drink it, then just poured it all over myself. And drank from my own bottle. Polystyrene cups. *shudders*

Now, I'm really pressing on here a bit, averaging around 7.25-7.45 minutes/mile for most of this, so though I'm paying attention to my surroundings, I can't remember what comes where, but I'll recount best I can. On 5 miles we hit a flyover (uphill!) and head down toward Victoria Park, very close to the airport, where an Aeroplane Friend ✈ is just taking off. Onward, always. Pace feeling tough, but manageable, I think. In the distance the famous Harland and Wolff cranes, Samson and Goliath, in the shipyard, dominate the skyline and can be seen from almost everywhere.

Passing more crowds, and I have to say that crowd support for this race is great. Really great. The marshals and police are really good too. On we go. We're padding the Titanic Quarter now, where I was yesterday, then over a wibbly-wobbly bridge thing, (it wasn't ramshackle but with us all running on it, it was a strange sensation!) and into town, passing the lovely, grand City Hall. Mile 9 now. God this is tough.

On now to Divis Street and the Falls Road. Been passing a few murals but more here, including the Bobby Sands mural. Such an amazing way to see an incredible city.

At the rate I'm going, I wonder if I'll be seeing the inside of the hospital!

A couple more hills appear; thank goodness I train on the things. I speed up to sprint up them, which I prefer to do if they're not too long or severe. Close to the end now and passing by my hotel.

I start to wonder if I've made a terrible mistake in pacing. This is getting tougher by the second, but my pace is holding okay, somehow. By the river now, heading to the park. Hngngngng. Last mile and somehow I pick it up to 7.16 m/m. The din of the band outside the park gates motivates me on.

Faster, Goddamn it!!! You're nearly there, you've not worked this hard and come all this sodding way to ease off now!

Into the park. Pick it up! The music of the finish line, I hear it. Take a final drink from my bottle, pour the remainder over me and then bin the bottle. Final push now. Finish line. Thank goodness. Punching the air I cross the line, stop my Garmin and grab my medal, which is amazing and comes on a pink ribbon. They knew I was coming! Grab my goodie bag too. And suddenly feel physically sick. Thankfully I don't throw up, but it comes close. I sit by the ambulance, just in case, like.

My time? Official chip time is 1.40.51. Garmin, 1.40.53. I'm overjoyed, that's a new PB and eight minutes off my previous time. Got a new 10K PB too - 47.23, which is 30 seconds off my previous 10K PB. Garmin here:

Bear in mind, I'm not a super runner. I only started in April last year, and thanks to the C25K program, look how far I've come. Seriously, 18 months ago, just the first 60 seconds of running was so so tough. I've come this far - you can achieve running badassery too, so keep on and never ever give up!

Oh, in the first few miles we passed some building or other that was pumping Eye of the Tiger out the window! 😂

So, an amazing race, and an amazing city. I fully recommend the Belfast HM to anyone, it's great. I'll post more pics over the next couple of days.

Right, thanks for reading! I appreciate it must have taken a while, but hey, imagine how long it took to write! 😂 Apologies for any spelling errors, my autocorrect is a nightmare!

Happy running to you all, Lovely Running Folk. (LRF)

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Wow. Fanatastic Post (FP!) & sounds like an amazing run.

Huge congratulations to you.

Good luck with the Marathon, I'm sure you'll nail it!


Thanks Noaky! It was a particularly special race, I loved it so much. And thank you, I hope so! I have a lot more confidence going into the marathon after today!



What a post ! I feel out of breath just reading that !! Ha ha ! :-)

Miles, you are an absolute legend ! Many, Many Congratulations to you, that is a fantastic time and you just go from strength to strength ! Well done on your PB, 1.40 minutes is fantastic and 47 minutes for a 10k is insane !!!!

Thanks for the report regarding Belfast, you really brought it to life, I have been once but it was a very quick visit so didnt have much time to explore , it sounds amazing !

The bling is superb ! You must have loooooaddds now !

Well done ! :-) xxx


Awwww, thanks Pops! 😊 That's really kind of you, thank you! 😊

I was, of course, very impressed with my HM PB but equally as impressed by the 10K PB, and surprised by it as well!

It really is; I fully recommend Belfast. It's an amazing place with so much to offer, and very unique. I'm off on a trip up to the Giant's Causeway tomorrow! Can't wait.

My medal collection is getting ridiculous now! 😂 This is my fave medal by far though, I love it!

Thanks once more, Popster! xxx

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I LOVE your running posts. Never stop. Glad Belfast was a great experience for you and what a well earned pb.


Thank you kindly, Henpen! ☺

Yes, I've really enjoyed it here. Still have a day and a half to go yet though!


Oh Miles I've been thinking of you today and wondered how you got on. A fantastic race report, as usual, and what a time! Bl**dy brilliant! You've done so so well with this running thing but I know how hard you've worked. I'm so glad you enjoyed the tourist bit too. Great photos and a pink ribbon too! You lucky man!

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Thanks, Princess! 😊

It has taken masses of effort to get to this point but it's all been worth it and then some. It does all get a bit much at times but that's natural I think. So pleased with myself today though; never in my wildest dreams did I think I was capable of pulling such a time off. It wasn't easy, none of it, but worth it.

Belfast is fantastic! Brilliant city. I'm off to the Giant's Causeway tomorrow, which I'm really looking forward to!

Oh yes, fancy medal with a lovely pink ribbon! 🎀 🎀 🎀 Made for me; some pink on the finisher's shirt too!

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Great race report MY 😀 Glad to hear the anemia is now behaving itself. Managed a race myself yesterday, gung ho 5k in Newcastle, 10 inflatable obstacles to navigate and Europes biggest inflatable slide at the end (higher than 3 double decker buses!) Not a course for PBs but great fun. Going to be getting back into running this week, we move out of our home tomorrow and in with family 😟 Sad but at least the packing will be over!!!! Happy running as always and good luck the the marathon! 🏃


Oh wow, LF, I get that race was bundles of fun? Like the sound of it myself. It's not all about PBs and split times! Well done so hope you enjoyed it!

Sorry to hear you're having to move in with family; hope it won't be for long? Bet you can't wait to get back into the running!

Thank you; I'll do a race report for that too! Good luck with all the moving!


It was, I spent more time walking between obstacles than running though! Definitely a fun one to do with friends and I'd recommend it for the early bird price (£35, but not the £55 for on the day).

Time to be spent with family = unknown at present. Hence why it's so depressing, not having your own space isn't the same even if we do have a roof over our heads, plus our commute is going from 4-5mins to over 30 😟 I'm itching to get out running until the move in starts, I can't let my fitness go! Just need not to get lost in my new area 😂 Look out for new Garmin posts 🏃


It does sound loads of fun, LF, although the on-the-day price is a lil bit steep! Bet it's a great laugh though; so glad you enjoyed it!

That doesn't sound good at all. Hope you won't be there with family for too long, and on the bright side at least you have some new running routes to try out! Will keep an eye out for you on GC! 🏃🏃🏃

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Lovely report and well done!! Wow what a time! I am expecting to be a whole hour slower at my first HM in Feb and that's if all goes well.

No wonder you were feeling sick at the end though - have a nice recovery time this week and a good flight home!


Thank you Dagshar! ☺ Which HM are you doing? Good luck! It doesn't matter what time you complete it in, you'll have just run 13.1 miles and that alone is amazing and something to feel really proud of!


It's going to be the coastal trail in Northumberland, so not a flat and fast one anyway. I have made it to 14.3k now....


Well done, that's great going! Over half way there now, you got this! 🏃Yeah, that's not a PB course anyway, so don't worry about time, just enjoy the run, the day and the scenery! 😊


That's the idea :-)


Well done Miles! Great time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome. Truly mind-boggling! It was hot today too! Well it was here for our local marathon. The runners were lathered! I thought about you this morning as I waved off my jog group runners. I sat at home watching runners go past me for several hours, clapping and cheering them on, and thought about you and your challenge

I bet you're pleased it's behind you now so you can have a well-earned rest. Mind you, you still have to get home. I hope that goes off all right and it's not too knackering

Love the bling by the way. Here's to the next one


Thanks MissW! I'm mighty impressed with it myself! Was really hard work but well worth the effort. How was the Chesterfield Marathon? You hoping to be participating next year? It was hot over here too, really warm, which didn't help. It poured down in the afternoon tpo; wouldn't have minded that in the morning!

Yes I am, can relax a bit now. Was going to do another huge run at the weekend (22 miles) but it will be two weeks exactly until marathon day, so perhaps just do 16. I'm registered for the Great Yorkshire Run too, the next day so might do that as recovery.

I'm flying back tomorrow afternoon; today is a trip to the Giant's Causeway, which I'm looking forward to. Have to do that when over in NI!

That medal is my fave of them all!


Congratulations Miles! What a fantastic time and a wonderfully colourful description of your time in Belfast. Can't believe how much you crammed in BEFORE running a HM! As dear old Yoda might say, "an inspiration you are"!



Thank you kindly, I do. Most wonderful, this compliment is!

I think I did overdo the sightseeing a bit but there's just so much to see here, and do! Got more to do today too but after the race I just relaxed and did nothing!

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Oh wow, an absolutely vintage M_Y post! Love it!

What an epic achievement, Sweetie, just epic. Knew you'd got a PB for the HM but didn't realise you'd got a 10k PB too, that's amazing!

Love your photomontage. Did anyone every tell you you bear a striking resemblance to the Bobby Sands mural? Same brow shape, same cheekbones, same hair colour and similar smile.

Hope you have a good journey home and don't feel too creamcrackered next week. Sleep well, Steve- you deserve it zzzZZZ xxx


Awww, thank you, GM! 😊 "vintage MY", I love that! 😂 It's good to be back posting race reports and updates!

I was surprised with the 10K PB too, as that wasn't really the aim, but I'm mighty pleased regardless!

No, GM, that's never been mentioned before, but then, I've never been stood in front of Bobby Sands before! The smile is very similar, I agree!

Thank you. ☺ Heading home tomorrow afternoon; off to the Giant's Causeway in a short while. I have Wednesday off work, which I think I'll need! I slept really well last night, unsurprisingly!

Thanks again, GM! xxx


Congratulations MY. Brilliant time and excellent post - I was out of breath with your sight seeing, never mind the HM :-)

Love the bling too, well worth the effort.


Thanks, Annie! Funny, the sightseeing made my right ankle hurt a bit (and caused a good amount of worry the night before the race!) but the race didn't; work that one out! 😂

The bling is pretty cool; really happy with that and well worth all the effort!


Thanks. I like going for runs like this where I see all manner of things, and meet other people, mingle with the crowd, run, run, run, struggle, overcome, push, and finally make it - all from the comfort of the dear old couch. :-) Well done.


Thanks Gary; I do like to be as descriptive as possible! Glad you enjoyed it, good sir. ☺


Amazing time Miles - really well done!!


Thank you, AR! Really appreciate that! ☺


Well done MY a great time and an equally good description of your experience


Thank you, Meg! Glad you enjoyed it! ☺


wow Steve! an epic run culminating in an epic post in true Miles_Yonder style! you did it! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you've had a great time, and will be coming home super triumphant AND with a medal with PINK ribbon! what could be more perfect!!( a blue one of course, but for me not you!) :) talk sooooooooon, enjoy the rest of your break! :)


Ali Wighter! 😆 thank you most kindly!

I'm so proud of my fancy medal with the lovely pink ribbon! 🎀 🎀 🎀

Can't wait to show my tech shirt off either on my runs back home!

Talk sooooon! I'll reply to your great post of yesterday as soon as I can!

Right, off I head to the Causeway Coast!


Well done you! With one thing and another my running shoes and I parted company many moons ago.. running shoes are now by the the door and I'll be out on the streets of Dearne Valley again tomorrow. Super inspired by your post xxx

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Hey Snowgoose! ☺

Was just off to bed and saw your post so thought I'd quickly reply. That's really kind of you, thank you and it feels brilliant to have inspired you out there; really glad I could help.

Have a great run; do post to let us know how it goes! 🏃 Nice place to run, the Dearne Valley; I get up that way with work occasionally. Good luck tomorrow! Go easy if it's your first run in a while, take it steady and run to enjoy! xxx


Another fabulous report, so happy for you with your PB's! Well done!

I've never been to N.I. either and would love to see those murals - it's on my to-do list one day.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your time there and have a well earned rest on your return! xx


Thank youuuuu! ☺☺

I can't recommend NI highly enough. Perhaps one day you could tie-in a trip to coincide with the Belfast half! There's a Titanic Quarter 10K too! The half is really varied though. If you fancy the murals, you will love seeing them. They've been on my list for a long time and seeing them had been amazing. I highly recommend one of the taxi tours as you'll see a side, and sights, you wouldn't otherwise. Well worth every penny.

I'm sure I'll be back one day to do the race again, or for the full marathon which is in May.



Yes Miles I went to the marathon start line and met up with the jog group peeps, then walked home to watch it from home, with a cuppa tea. Sat outside as it was so warm. Too warm for the runners though and some of them were dripping!

I've not been to Giant's Causeway but I have seen the basalt stacks on Staffa, just off Mull. Very interesting! You'll enjoy it I'm sure.

I hope your legs have recovered!


It was roasting yesterday during the race and this is Belfast, so I imagine it would have been warmer there by far. I poured loads of water over myself and was still dry by the end!

Will have to do the Chesterfield Marathon one year.

Just on my way up to the Causeway now. It's the last stop of the day, a few other things to see on the way. A full day out; what more can you ask for for £16?!

Bit sore in the quads but not too bad; knees twinge on anf off but have done for weeks. To be expected I think after yesterday, some aches and pains. Nothing alarming though. If my knees are still sore after the marathon, I'll go see a physio before ultra training commences in November.


Now that's what I call a Completely Outstanding Race Report! (CORR!). You are so fast these days, have you found that's come out of the marathon training? The haemoglobin levels seem to be no problem any more, either. You've inspired me to have another crack at a half marathon myself (just have to find a suitable one).

Good luck with the marathon (and the taper) - sounds like you are on course to smash that challenge.


Thank you, Turbo! 😊

Yes, I'd say so; the longer distances have helped me improve as a runner overall, I think. What was once difficult, like a recovery run after a long run, doesn't (usually!) seem so bad!

Yes, the levels are much better and I can definitely tell a big difference. I'm off the recovery dose of the tablets but am on prophylaxis with them now.

That's good to hear! Hope you find a great half marathon to run! 🏃🏃🏃

Thank you, I hope so! Going to take it rather easy for the first five miles or so! I'm going into tapering mode now I think. Not been the greatest of lead-ups to the race, what with the anaemia and the time off, but it should be okay. Race report will follow once I get home after the marathon!


Terrific post MY and what a fantastic time.

Lovely bit of bling too.


Thank you, Dunder! 😊

The bling I'm really happy with; it's a great bit of medalry!


Fantastic Write Up Miles :)

Hope the Peterborough Great Eastern HM is as good (11th October) :)


Thank you, Millwalki! 😊

11th October! Same day as the Yorkshire Marathon that I'm doing. May it be a great day of racing for us both. I'm sure you'll have a brilliant race; enjoy, and let us know what you think and how you get on!

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That is an amazing race report!! I really appreciate it took you hours but I felt like i was there the whole weekend on your adventures!!

I think someone said that year that you should write a running book, i would so buy it and read it. your running adventures are really interesting and we feel apart of it!!

Many congratulations - that time is something i could even imagine!! I have my first half marathon in 2 weeks and i am just hoping to finish in one piece.

Good luck with your marathon in 3 weeks, no doubt you will be amazing!!!!


Hello there, Vix! ☺

Thank you so much, really glad that you enjoyed it! I do try to write in a way that brings across the occasionoccasion, so I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I believe it was GazelleMum who suggested that and it's something that I've been thinking about. Maybe in a few years after a few more running adventures!

Oh, which HM are you doing? Looking forward to it? I really really hope you have a great time and hey, never think anything is beyond you - running has a way of pleasantly surprising us! 😊

Thank you! Not sure how it will go, but we'll soon find out! Hopefully it will be okay.


Hola, I do really enjoy your race reports!!! The HM is in Vina - i think it will be on but i will need to check after the last 4 days. We are still rocking in Chile! But that won't put us off running.

You will be fab !!!


Wow, what a read - great race report and great travel review - win-win!

Glad you're recovered well enough now. Those of us who 'know' you have been concerned about your health problems. You gave us all a fright a while back.

The race and trip in general sounds fantastic. And don't get me on that medal.. We'll what can I say?!

Hope you had a safe journey home and have a good rest.

Take care :-) xx

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Thanks so much, Pinkie! 😊

Glad you enjoyed the write-up; thank you!

I really should have provided more frequent updates, but I intend to post much more frequently now! Hopefully the health issues are now firmly in the past!

Thanks again; heading back tomorrow, sadly! Oh and yes, I'm very confident that you'd love this medal! xx


Look forward to reading your posts. This one is inspirational. Well done.


Thank you kindly, Jangly! 😊


well done, fab time. My first HM is on Sunday and I will just be glad to finish!!


Thank you! 😊

Good luck for Sunday! I'm sure you'll do great! Which one are you doing?


Cheltenham, its a lovely town so I hope it goes well, thanks!xx


Very very good luck; I'm sure you'll show Cheltenham who's boss! xx


Congratulations - a well run race for you - 47:23 for 10k? Seriously? I am well impressed. This was excellent reading by the way, I am glad that you enjoyed it - I will have to join you next year! Very well done.


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