My first ever race! 'Twas on the 9th June (2014)

My first ever race! 'Twas on the 9th June (2014)

For those of you who aren't acquainted with the Blaydon race song, 'twas on the 9th June is a famous line, it's a race ran from Newcastle city centre to Blaydon covering 5.7miles based on said song ran the same day every year.

This being my first ever race I was very nervous! I've had bad intestines all day and didn't want to drink too much water either but I wasn't going to let that stop me :)

My mum, dad and fiancé very kindly dropped me off 30mins from start time, it was extremely busy in the bigg market but there was a band on to entertain with the famous song being sang just before we got going.

Before I knew it we were off, started my runkeeper app before I got to the start line for prosterity knowing the chip timing would give me an accurate reading anyway. I'd remembered to turn off my music on it etc but at 0.5miles I could hear this muffled sound from my arm, I'd not turned off the audio cues for pace and distance!!! Don't know if this was a blessing or not as I ran a very quick 1 1/2 miles without meaning to!

Half way in and the intestines were aching but I soon told them to shut up and enjoyed running past pockets of brilliant spectators on the scotswood road, then it was over the Tyne and a curl back past the water station at which point I realised that famous guy with the fridge that runs all those marathons etc was ahead of me!

Managed to run the lot, even the bridges were people were stopping to walk and felt mighty proud for our c25k team and what we can do :)

Time 1:08:01, and I must buy an evening chronicle tomorrow for the pics, I might just be famous!

Aftabs, I didn't manage to display all my c25k t-shirt like you, but I did try my hardest!

Happy running all :)


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20 Replies

  • Wow! Great stuff. Well done. It looks busy behind you! Crikey it looks like a well attended run. Well done for flying the flag for Team Couch

    I don't wonder that you were nervous. I think most folks would be for there first race.

  • 4,250 is the entry limit and because I was at the tail end (page 71 of 72 on the results page) there were a lot of people milling around enjoying the evening on the hill by the finish line :) got my chip time today, almost 5mins faster than my text time 1:03:17 really chuffed!

  • Great write-up on what was sounds race; you look mighty happy in the pic, and quite rightly so too! WELL DONE! A huge congratulations to you! :-) You even saw Fridge Man! :D

  • I did see fridge man :D he's awesome, couldn't imagine running with a fridge on my back. Think I may need to enter more races, although I hate crowds I have the race bug too. Chip time came in, 1:03:17 so I got even more excited today with my fast time for me :)

  • Definitely! Sign-up for more! I started signing-up for them in week three of C25K; I've now got a 5K, three 10Ks and a HM scheduled and I've not run a single race yet! Addictive, running, isn't it?!

    Well done; bet you've not stopped grinning all day! :-)

  • Might have to follow your advice and find lots more, I've decided 1 5.7miler just isn't enough before the biggy, plus I'm still on a high from yesterday, long may it last :D (big cheesy grin)

  • I love hearing about people and their running addictions! Definitely do more, and keep us informed on your running adventures. :-)

  • Well done! Sounds like you had a great race & finished in a great time :-) I love the fact that this program is getting us all to do these different races and fly the flag for c25k!

  • I was impressed with your HM, well done :) you've made me believe a little more that mine will be fine in September, did a small woop at my desk today once I looked at my chip time and realised it was 1:03:17, really good for me. Happy running!

  • Well done, great post and great time :)

  • Thanks, still chuffed, long may the high last! :)

  • Great post, great time and a great smile. You have every right to be proud... I'm hooked now and am looking at more events to enter over the next 6-12 months to keep pushing a little bit more... always good to have a reason for keeping at it week on week...

    One of my favourite John Bingham quotes is "The miracle isn't that I finished, the miracle is that I had the courage to start"... well done! Permission to load up on chocolate granted... :)

    You've also now convinced me that I need to wear my C25K colors on my race day too... :)

  • Thanks, I haven't touched the chocolate yet surprisingly (maybe when I start to come down from my high ;) ) but did load up on chicken nuggets and chips from the chippy on the way home (well it was protein and carbs and 9:30pm so not the right time to consider cooking!) wish I had a male c25k top, stole the idea from Aftabs where he managed to pin his number under the logo, not quite enough room on the female top (shame!) but yes, fly the flag with pride! And yes, you need the courage to start, once you get going you're already half way there, good luck with your next race :)

  • Yay! Great time LF, you did c25k proud (was singing that song yesterday!) :-)

  • Thanks, I'm now thinking I need to sign up for more races so the great north 10k might be on the cards (it goes from Gateshead stadium along the quayside and back) my dad says it's not a great run (up and down) but at the moment I'll give anything a go :D

  • That's what I'm in for, I foolishly didn't think about the hills when I signed up! :-O Hang about, my place might be going spare if my Achilles doesn't behave itself.

  • Is it still misbehaving? Are the new shoes helping any? It'll be a shame if you can't run it, on the plus side you still have a month, fingers crossed for you!

  • Thanks :-) Back from run this morning and stiffness again, ice bag seems to help. I love my new shoes and hope that this will just be a readjustment.

  • Just entered for the race, hope to see you there! :)

  • That's fab, it'll be the perfect training for your GNR, hills and all. :-) Unfortunately my leg is worse (it's into my calf now) which is giving me cause for concern.... So keep in touch and I'll let you know if I do manage to recover in time.

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