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First Rome half-marathon / 5k for Peace

Hello all!

Tomorrow is the first ever Rome half-marathon for peace, and there will also be a non-competitive 5k held which takes a great route through the centre of city. I'm a bit galled as I really wanted to join in the 5k but my dodgy knees put paid to that (although in all honesty I hadn't got my special "Italian Federation of Light Athletics" card that is necessary to participate, as the bureaucracy seemed so ridiculously impenetrable that I couldn't be bothered...). However I will be there next year! I felt I should be involved as it's a Vatican thing, organised by the Pontifical Council for Culture in collaboration with the Rome city council and the idea is to get people of different religious beliefs - and also those with religious convictions - to run together, which in these times seems like a nice idea. The Pontifical Council for Culture is really well run and generally does these things very well. So if anyone fancies running in Rome I can suggest a date for next year's diary!

I understand there's also an athletics group for Vatican people so I will get in touch with them - I can imagine there being plenty of advantages, hopefully.

They set off tomorrow from St. Peter's Square so they are setting it all up right now under my office and it is making me jealous. Stoooopid IC. :(

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What a shame you're on the IC as that sounds fab. But there'll be other races, other runs. Is it warm in Rome?


Yes,although much better running weather than before. It can still hit 30 in the afternoon but is cooler in the morning and evening. Today looks like a great day for the runners - last night's storm cleared the air.

We had one of those huge storms we get here in September. My daughter had a friend over for a sleepover so I curled up on the sofa watching "Ghostbusters" with a glass of wine and four giggly kids, all of us in PJs, as the storm raged outside - perfect!


PS I think i'll drag the kids over to see the winners take the podium later on ☺

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That sounds gorgeous! The kids will enjoy watching the spectacle too. It will fire you up for next year. Post photos! I feel for you. I ran up to the Parthenon on holiday last week and have done something to my foot. Possibly Plantar fasciitis. It's so boring! I am running vicariously through the site now, hoping whatever it is will clear up quickly.




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