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I knee-ded that!

Well, it's been a heck of a week. Teen Rainbow's anxiety took over badly early in the week, which put a spanner in the planned works and left us (well, me and Mr Rainbow anyway) utterly exhausted. With one thing (that) and another (it's Holy Week, so various church stuff and getting things sorted that Mr R has needed for the services he's involved with, being a priestly type), I just have not managed to summon up the energy to go for a run.

I was feeling better yesterday afternoon, so was going to go then - until the Teens had a Falling Out mid-day. And leaving them like that is a bad plan at the moment. So run postponed. Again.

Today, though, I was motivated. All I had to do was mow the lawn. Oh, and go shopping for 25 Easter eggs for Mr R to give to assorted folks tomorrow. And run. Well, having decided that the perfect time would be while the Teens watched Dr Who, I realised that was a bit soon after tea. Then Mr R said best to wait until he'd gone back to work. Then the Teens took forever going to bed. But eventually, two hours later than planned, and an hour after I got hanged and ready, I put on my trainers and headed out.

After about 3 mins of running, my left knee twinged. 🙁 I thought about just going home, but decided to walk a minute or two then try a gentle jog again. That seemed to work, so for the rest of the 30 mins I ran 3 or 4 mins, then walked a little. The last two run segments I managed to get up to 5 and 6 mins (yay me! 😊) and I managed to include a run up my nemesis incline in there too!

So although it wasn't a perfect run, I feel so much better for having gone and tried it. The knee wasn't happy in the cool down walk either, so I'll leave the next run til my normal Tuesday slot instead of trying to fit it in on Monday. But I'm happy. 😊

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Sorry to hear that you are having a tough week :( Very well done for getting out for a run, as you say, even though it was not perfect at least you got out there! Hope your Easter weekend isn't too hectic.


Ah, the teen years...

Not sure I would ever have managed to get out for a run while mine were in their teenage years (at least when they were home). Any time I left the house, bedlam occured (and that was on a good day, on a bad day it was all out warfare!). Well done for you for getting out for a run - and rest assured, in a decade or so, the teenage years will be behind you!

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Tough times, but a tougher you :) I am glad that you managed to get out there and lost the tough bits for a while!

Plus... an incline... very impressive!

Well done you..onwards and upwards :) x ( in all ways )x


Well done on getting out there. You are a very determined runner!


What everybody else said really. Make sure you rest that knee tho.


I sneakily only had one child, so no teenage fights in our house! But also very little conversation .... well done for getting out. Sanity will prevail!

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