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Trying to 'get back into it'

Hi everyone! I'd really appreciate any thoughts anyone has on my current situation!! I managed to get to week 6 run 2 (and felt very proud of that!). It was my 40th on 25th May (which was a bit of a goal) so unfortunately (daft mistake) I managed to take off nearly 2.5 weeks off the running. I had been going out at least twice a week. Anyway, last Monday I thought I must get back into it. I picked up on Week 6 Run 1, it was hard, but I expect that. But, when I came back I had a real pain in my hip. I hadn't had any aches or pains up until then. I've now not been out for a week and a half, my hip feels OK, the odd twinge but it's OK. Anyway, what to I do now?? Start back at Week 6? Drop back a few weeks? Start again? Your thoughts would really help me. Cheers running people!! x

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I think it might be wise to go back to week 5 or week 4 to ease back into it.

The hip pain might have come from the muscles in your legs not being as strong as they used to. When one or more muscles are not up to the job, others stand in to try to support them, and that can cause hip and knee pains. So as well as gently running, you might look into doing some stretches and strengthening of your quads and hamstrings so set yourself up for an "easier" run next time.

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Thanks for the advice Tomas, sounds sensible!


A while ago someone (can't remember who) posted a link to some effective stretches to combat hip pain. Perhaps they'll repost if they see your post. In the meantime, can you run on grass rather than concrete? That way your landing impact will be lessened. Good luck


If you can get some gait analysis done that may also help. Good shoes that are right for you can help...

Also - as others have said - "slowly" get back into it... There's no rush!


I agree that the hip pain may have come about as a been a result of pushing a bit too hard for your first run back after a break. I get trouble with my hips and thighs and am doing lots of exercises to strengthen myself up, definitely worth a shot. In terms of the programme maybe start back on week 4 and build up from there? I would also suggest going out 3 times every week if you possibly can to really get into the swing of things. Good luck.


Thanks so much for your replies!!


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