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Pros & cons of C25k

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I graduated a month ago and I feel it might be useful to share what the C25k program has done to me since I started 3 months ago in case some people are considering joining the program as part of their new year's resolution.

A bit about me: I am part Bridget Jones, part couch potato who sits 10hrs a day at work and then sit some more at home. I am in my mid-thirties and an overweight smoker for over 20 years. I don’t enjoy sports or exercise. As a matter of fact, I find hitting the basic recommended 150min of moderate physical activity a week a total chore. I have tried to get “fit” many times over the years but always give up on the sport/ exercise du jour after a while.

This description still fits me post-graduation.

So after completing the C25k program, I have been slowly building up to longer runs, whilst mixing things up with interval and hill runs in the last month, just to keep things interesting. I am now running 2-3 times a week and is probably clocking in less time and mileage than when on the program. But here is a list of the main differences I’ve noticed (I did not expect most of these before I started)


I feel energised for the rest of the day. In the beginning, I used to feel like I need to crash for the rest of the day and now the recovery time is getting shorter and shorter

This is quite hard to describe but basically after running, I feel my bones, joints, intestines, appetite, breathing, etc. – every body function just work better.

I haven’t lost weight but I’m not gaining either despite eating all the junk over Christmas, so who knows what will happen if I control my eating better? ;-)

Phwoar! Can I see and FEEL a massive difference in my legs and butt! There are discernible muscles instead of the usual jiggly squigginess I’ve always known these parts to be. The midrift is still sadly jiggly and squiggy but my stomach is flatter

Following on previous point, I feel I look good when I put on my brand spanking new 2XU compression tights (only £19.99 at TKMaxx!!!). Both the compression and my vanity means I can now run 6k with ease

And here is the biggest surprise: I think about all sorts of random things when running, but it seems to have had a meditative effect for me and my thoughts for the rest of day become clearer. There's some science behind this. As someone who dips in and out of depression for many years, my overall mood has improved

Cons (yes, there are some):

I suffer from withdrawal symptoms on non-run days

I now complement the running with yoga and weights on non-run days

I am taking a financial hit with buying decent trainers, mp3 player and colourful lycra

I have gained so much confidence that I am now smug

My friends are bored with my smugness especially when I try to convert them into joining the C25k cult

My husband is starting to hate me too because I cause him to lose precious weekend lie-ins by making him accompany me for my long runs (he keeps up with me by cycling)

I am considering on running 10k, which is complete crazy talk ;D

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Love it 😆

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Love your post 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️😀

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That was a good read, nice one! 😀

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Love it 😊

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AWESOME post! I related to it in many ways, I think we're a similar type of person :) Well if I can continue my journey the way you're continuing yours, I hope we are!

I've yet to feel I look particularly good in any of the running gear I've got, however starting to feel a little bit of that definition coming through that you mention, on the legs. It's truly an amazing plan, for many many reasons.

Keep smashing it! And let us know if you decide to go for the 10. I am also considering it. I agree, absolute bonkers :)

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Achy4daysGraduate in reply to staceypek

The road to 5k, 10k or whatever running target was such an alien concept to me that I feel like I’m still discovering what running is all about. I wish you all the best on working towards your wedding dress and enjoy the mad journey along the way 😘

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Brilliant post ! I share most of those pros and cons - a new con though...

My family have started going me on my runs/cycle rides ... I have lost my peace! 🤪

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Achy4daysGraduate in reply to Ploddingmum

Some people are just so inconsiderate, aren’t they? 🤣

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PloddingmumGraduate in reply to Achy4days


What a brilliant post , very inspiring. Well done 👍

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Achy4daysGraduate in reply to Darcyduck

And it’s all true 😉

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Thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm right at the beginning and I'm already seeing some of the benefits you have listed. I'm now even more determined than ever to keep going! :)

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Achy4daysGraduate in reply to Pianism

I didn’t really feel the benefits until about 6-7 weeks, so you must be making great progress already. Keep going and enjoy the journey 😁

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PianismGraduate in reply to Achy4days

Thank you. I'm doing a LOT of fast walking as well as the runs so U think that is helping. :)

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Okay, so you are an addict............. you are in good company.

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Achy4daysGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

I wouldn’t have enough willpower to keep tunning if it weren’t for this wonderful community. So I thank everyone on here for turning me into a running addict 😂

That made me smile 😄. It’s mad but I have also found myself in shops I would never have gone in before getting excited about running gloves and socks????😂

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Achy4daysGraduate in reply to Wimborne

But they ARE exciting stuff!!! 🤣

Lovely story. I particularly like the 'cons'. I only wish we had had C25K when I was in my 20s. Keep going Babe. It's all in the mind, er, glutes, er... 😉

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