Tonight’s the night - Team C25K is running the We Own The Night Women’s 10k!

Race day has dawned. Two of us fabulous C25K peeps are running the Nike ‘We Own The Night’ Women’s 10k in Victoria Park, Hackney, at 8pm tonight. I only know my running colleague by her real name via the Facebook forum otherwise I would name-check her here.

It looks like it’s going to be a cross between a race and a festival, with an event village, refreshment tents, live music and the like – and the run is ‘after dark’. Actually I have no idea what to expect! We have themed t-shirts, colour-coded wrist bands, because the start is in waves (up to 10,000 runners, eek!), and the finishers’ medal is a rather lovely little Alex Monroe necklace - seriously, how pretty is this – look:

However, sod’s law meant that earlier this week I picked up a virus that made me rattle like a 40-a-day smoker and feel quite ill. But just in the nick of time the worst seems to be over, though I still have a sore throat. But I haven’t run at all since last Sunday and am feeling quite nervous about how to tackle the breathing. I even had a crazy idea of buying some leaf gelatine and cooking it up with cough syrup to make sort-of energy gels…Yes, this morning 10k seems like quite a daunting distance. It may be the night I get a Personal Worst rather than a Personal Best, but I intend to cross the finish line, and in one piece.

So, yeah! Go team C25K!

Quick edit: Mr TT put the grill on instead of the oven and the croissants have caught fire! Oh god!

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22 Replies

  • Good luck, have a lovely time and enjoy the race - you will do yourself proud

  • Thanks! Feeling excited and a bit nervous now...

  • Ooh, have fun! Will wave from over the other side of the marshes ;)

    If they do it again next year, I may be up for a 10K challenge by then, and may join you!

  • And I'll wave back! ;-) You should totally be ready for a 10k, well before next year, it's just a slow and steady incremental build-up. That said don't know how ready I feel at the moment!

  • Oh I love that necklace! Hope you are feeling even better by tonight, go and enjoy yourself, it sounds like great fun. x

  • It's lovely isn't it! I will be visualising it as I cough my way round the course...

  • Good luck for your run. I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm doing a charity Midnight Run tonight too in aid of my local hospice so I'll be thinking of you. We're off at 10.40pm and are running 8 miles!!!! Eeek. Look forward to hearing how you get on. Claire. X

  • 8 miles?? WOW!!

  • Dan I am slightly panicking about the 8 miles. Haven't actually run that far before although I can manage 10k in 1:00:27. I'm sure I'll be fine though once the initial hilly bit is out of the way. The big question is will I manage to keep my cowgirl hat on my head in the strong wind or if not will I be chucking it over someone's front garden wall in disgust! X

  • As Dan says, WOW. I couldn't run 8 miles... not yet, anyway. Have a brilliant time - looking forward to your post about it.

  • I'm not sure I can run 8 miles either! Lol. Got to try and run wearing a cowgirl hat as that is the theme for this years run. Should be interesting as it's flippin windy here in Ipswich not to mention the heavy showers!!! Enjoy yourself later. Love the necklace you'll be getting. I'm looking forward to the Starbucks hot chocolate we get at the finish of our run! X

  • Enjoy your run ladies, it sounds wonderful fun and the finishers necklace looks beautiful.

  • We'll rock it! I just hope the necklace isn't too cheap and tinny!

  • You go girl - just soak up the atmosphere and enjoy it!

  • Thanks, am just going to go out there and enjoy myself even though I am weirdly nervous about it!

  • Damned men! What are they like in the flamin' kitchen???!!

    Best of luck for tonight TT. Don't go mad tonight, just make sure you finish and respect your body, especially if there's a virus flowing through your veins (albeit on the way out). GOODLUCK!

  • He's usually quite competent so I think it was an anomalous brainfart. It was properly on fire though.

    I will take it easy and have fun. Well done in your parkruns (especially for not boaking this morning), most entertaining write-ups, as ever, and a great time – my PB is 28' so I have some catching up to do!

  • It's me! The other one, I mean, and it was fab! Still a little bleary eyed from being too weird to get to sleep at a reasonable hour, but as soon as the faculties are fresh, I'll post an update. A huge thank you to TurboTortoise for encouraging me to do it!!

    (And my apologies, I've only just seen this post otherwise I would have sent a virtual wave before the race!)

  • Despite being absolutely shattered I was tossing and turning till about 3am I was so wired. Also coughing - oops! It was awesome though and I'm so glad you came and did it - am about to write a post....

  • A bit late to wish you both luck but would love to know how you got on & what you thought of it. I'm looking to challenge myself for a 10k but feeling a bit nervous with all the other runners! Hope you're pleased with the AM necklace, it looks great - it may beat a medal but I wouldn't mind one of them either! Have you entered any other races?

  • Kitty, you should totally challenge yourself to a 10k - the race atmosphere is just fantastic and the time flies by. I was nervous when I got there but that turned into excitement very quickly. Are you on the Facebook forum? There is a group going to the Richmond Running Festival (both 10k and half marathon) in September so plenty of time to get the miles up. I can't even contemplate the idea of running a HM at the moment (a step too far, pun intended) but am definitely up for another 10k soon.

  • Thanks for getting back to me. I'm not on Facebook (I know! Okay I'm wired, sad etc!) I'll get myself signed up but may need some help to find you! Coincidentally I'm thinking of doing the Richmond Half! As you say September is a little while away so should be fitter if I continue my training til then! At worse I can run/walk it. Go on! You know you want to! Lol! Planning on doing a 10k in July so not planning to jump right in! Well done on your superb time last Sat! What would you have done if you were in tip top shape?!

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