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Thinking of beginning the c25k?

The hardest part is the beginning and actually starting out so I suggest you first invest in some good training shoes; the most expensive you can afford as that way you may be less likely not to begin and less likely to give up whwn you have. Lol. I already had the trainers so I bought running clothes. I can't give up now!

Download the podcasts. Do it now! Have a little listen.

I was trying to encourage my niece to join me but she said although she would like to she would feel totally self conscious. I think this is a big emotional hurdle for many people so I asked her: "When you see a larger person running what do YOU think and feel?"

She answered: "I feel good: Good for them - for exercising and doing something - & wish I could."

I replied "Exactly and when people see you running, they will in all likelihood be full of admiration for you too."

I think it is something to remember when you are not feeling all that great about yourself- Just knowing that you ARE doing something makes you feel better about yourself! Your self confidence will increase just by deciding to start the c25k program.

If you are still unsure, go for a walk around the route you expect to take. I do a big block and it has several little roads so I can vary it a bit. If you have your route in mind now start planning what music you will listen to. You can use the c25k's but I prefer to listen to my Latin American music because I find the music upbeat and the tempo suits me.

Decide what time you will run. You can fit in 30 mins of exercise. Everyone has 30 mins to spare so make necessary arrangements if you need to. You are investing in a healthy lifestyle and future fitness. It's important.

So now you have the:

* The clothes and shoes

* Earphones and music sorted (I use my phone tucked in my big girl pants)

* podcasts

* route

* Determination to begin

The only thing that can prevent you from beginning is you so drop the excuses.

I am 47, married with 3 grown up children. A little bit overweight but reasonably healthy. Before this I was a couch potato doing no exercise. I have been exercising 4 times a week for the last 3 weeks now amd I definitely feel motivated and energised.

The most difficult thing for me to do was actually start running but I am glad I did and I am sure you will be too.

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Great post. The hardest part is getting out there. Says me, who's at the computer! Ha. I look at people differently when I see them running now. I wonder if they are Couch to 5k ers'. People running are doing it for all sorts of reasons and who knows what they are thinking when they are out there. This site is great for support.

They'll be good and bad runs but they are all runs. Go us.


That's a super post, well done for putting it up for potential newbies. I am glad you are motivated to carry on. Keep going and keep posting. x


Thanks very much. I posted after having a chat with my niece and thought it might help others who are toying with the idea take a leap of faith x x x


Thank you for this. I often wonder what people think when they see this old lady chuffing along but it's done wonders for my shape (as well as 5:2 of course!).

My only problem is lack of funds for decent trainers.

It made me laugh about you tucking your phone in your pants - doesn't it shift around to places you'd rather it didn't?! I have a cheap bumbag that I carry mine in. I tucked my phone inside my sports bra last year but it stopped working for a while as it got too damp so the bumbag was necessary.


For me the biggest psychological barrier was the idea of going out dressed like a runner, pretending to be a runner, but feeling like a fraud, and that at any moment a "real" runner might expose me as a fake. On the warm up walk to the start of week 1 run 1 for me, I felt so self conscious. The fact is, though, being a "real" runner means nothing more than being a person who goes for a run. If you go out and run as far as you can or as fast as you can, come home and feel good about it, then you are a "real" runner, just as much as someone like Mo Farah. What he cares about is to go out there and run faster than he did last time. When I went out on my week 1 run 2, what I cared about was to go out and run faster than I did last time. I was doing the same thing. I am a real runner, nothing fake about it.


Gingernut - They are tight pants! Nothing shifts around in those babies :D xxx


Rcp - I think I did feel a fraud too, especially on that first time out there but that feeling quickly passed, same as you, as I focused on the goal ahead:-

* completing week 1 run 1 so I coukd progress

* get fit and stay healthy

* my breathing

* my footing (I am known for my clumsiness)

* losing a few pounds and toning up

I was such a shy person when I was younger and it annoyed me that my self consciousness held me back in my life that I vowed never to let it get the better if me in the future. I found if you just "do it" it gets easier until you don't feel at all self conscious.

It also helps to know that other people feel exactly the same way when they are just beginning and no one knows if you are a newbie or not :)


Yep agree with all this. I was very self concious to start with but now people who I previously thought were 'real' runners treat me like one too and are very encouraging.


I've just seen this and it's a fantastic post!!! I totally agree with feeling self conscious and feeling like you aren't a 'real' runner. Thing is everyone has to start somewhere and no one has stopped on the street, belly laughing and pointing at me. It's just daft what our brains put ourselves through. Even last night, I'm on week 3, I had to go through a massive traffic junction and as I was doing my warm up walk past cars, I felt terribly self conscious. Thing is - who really cares?? As you say, all anyone might be thinking is 'good on her, at least she's out there trying!'. Life is selfish and most of the time we're all too caught up in ourselves to even notice what is going on.

If you're worried, don't be, honestly, just get out there and try it! :)


Well done on starting and sticking at the c25k plan. Can hardly believe I wrote this post 8 months ago now!

Since then, I have run thrice weekly on a regular basis. It's true to say I don't always feel like it but because I know of the valuable benefits to me I am motivated to still do it. If I don't run now I feel sluggish and a little lazy lowlife ;) Ok just a bit low then. I am ever so slightly prone to exaggeration lol.

I don't need big girl pants now having really toned up! My phone lives in an arm band these days :)

I have run two 10k races now with respectatable times. Last week I ran 11k. Next week I aim to run a 12k. I am in training for my first half marathon! I will be 48 years old in a couple of weeks.

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That's fantastic Kickibro and a total inspiration! Well done on your progression, it's great to hear that you are really getting into it. I'm hoping I see a bit of progression soon, will be great to run 5 or 10 minutes without feeling it! I'm unfit though, so I'll go slow and steady. I've got just over 6 months to get to a 10K - I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew!! I'm doing it for charity, so as long as I can get it done, that's all that matters. I might join a running club once I can run a 5k as I think it would provide some motivation.

I hope I can get into it as well, I'm looking forward to going for a run with my partner in January when hopefully I can do a longer run....


The plan goes by quickly so as long as you stick with it u will graduate before you know it. I do suggest doing a Parkrun if there's one not too far away. Week 5 is a good time to do that. Perhaps you could schedule it to tie in with week 5 run 3.

A 10k is absolutely possible and I am sure someone can suggest a plan or app for you. I just increased my distance slowly.

Good luck and work hard! :)


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