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How to motivate post C25K


Dear all

I did my graduation on 1st July .

However, post that I am on and off .. no proper schedule of running. I read the post on what to do after C25K .

Tried doing some of it . But except 10 k nothing as a fix Time bound program.. which can put me a schedule. (I learned that I can do much better if I am following a set system and goal oriented program like C25K ) . Juju 10 k looks too much for me . Currently if I ran 30 min I cover 3.2 km and first week only will be 5 km that will be close to 45 min .. I can not push myself so much on time (50 %) . Further as I am a very slow runner , I want to spend few weeks on strength and speed before I move on to more km per race .

Does anybody know any goal oriented strength/ speed training program??

Any links or guidance will be appreciated

Thanks in advance 🙏🙏

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There’s two that spring to mind, Strava Premium (£5.99 a month) and Nike Run Club (free)

On Nike, if you wanted to target say a parkrun, you can select 5k race plan, select the date you want to be ready for, how many days a week you run, your long run stats (so maybe your last 3k run) and a race result (maybe your best one mile time if you know it). It will then build a plan that varies run types recovery, long, speed, benchmark (ouch) and also include some gym workouts (no equipment required). It starts at paces that you already do and benchmarks (ouch) adjust them.

Strava does similar and I’m sure there’s many on here who can guide you there.

Note: Nike doesn’t allow sharing of runs outside its own user base at present.

Thanks unfitnomore 👍. Will check them out

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No worries... I believe there’s a free trial on Strava too, so you could look at what they both planned for you, or maybe try a couple of weeks of each and see what suits.


I am a slow runner like yourself, its cool! We rock😆

I think if it were me I would just extend one of your weekly runs by 2mins or so, each week for a while, until you get to 5k. If it feels too much, condolidate where you have got to for a while. Then begin a small increase weekly again. You could also do parkrun too, maybe use that as the longer run. You can walk for the first 5mins, run your longer time, walk the rest. It would be great fun! So your overall aim is to get to run 5k. Once you are there, you can refresh your target, either targeting speed or further increasing time running. Try to find your happy pace and enjoy!

Thanks Millsie j


Hiya I graduated a week ago and wondered what was next. I googled “after couch to 5k” and found follow on programmes on the NHS website. I’ve done the stepping stone podcast and found it familiar in terms of friendly Laura talking through the run & regular updates on progress through the run and what’s coming up. There are two other podcasts on the same link but I haven’t tried them yet. I’m 3 runs in after graduation and have found it helpful. Im not sure others on the forum have found it useful but it’s another option to look at.

If you find anything else helpful it would be good to hear.

Good luck

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Thanks a lot DLMZ


Well done for graduating! Don't underestimate your achievement. It's hard to cope with being "free" from the structure of the programme after graduation isn't it? I struggled with that very much. For what it's worth, here what worked for me, condensed version(!):

1. Spend a bit of time consolidating your running. At this stage forget about 5k, just get used to running for 30 minutes, so that it becomes the norm, and running for that length of time doesn't phase you. If you feel like going for a 5k towards the end of this phase, which I would say could be a month or so, but whatever works for you, then do so certainly, but don't pressure yourself. You're trying to build the habit of running and enjoying it, once you do that, you'll be set, honestly!

2. Try the Couch to 5K+ Podcasts as mentioned above, link is here: - you don't have to do them in order, and you can do them as little or as often as you like. I found the Speed one particularly helpful as it's not as long as the others!

3. When you've done that for a bit, why not have a crack at doing a 5k? Parkruns are great for practicing 5ks, but I would make sure you've done a few on your own first, so you know what to expect.

4. Throw in a few "just for fun" runs. Maybe do 2.5k to 3k, don't time yourself, don't try to run fast, just run for the pure pleasure.

5. (And this is how it was with me)

- Tell yourself you're never doing JuJu's 10k plan.

- Find yourself doing it literally a week later, egged on by a good friend

Note that if you do go for the 10k plan, my experience was that it was way way easier getting from 5k to 10k than it was getting from 0k to 5k, because you already have the tools for sustainable running, you just need a bit of extra fitness.

Now that's not meant to be a set-in-stone type list of steps in the plan or anything, but it worked for me, and it might work for you too. As the old saying goes though, what's the best way to eat and elephant? One bite at a time.

Make sure you enjoy yourself, yeah?



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Thanks a lot for your insightful feedback.. I am also trying to consolidate 30 min run .. but not able to get the third run in a week .. but try to put self discipline. Thanks once more 🙏


I have been in exactly the same boat. I'm afraid I can't offer any words of wisdom as I am still struggling. Hating the heat doesn't help. At the moment I am just trying to build on running for 30 mins and getting up to 5K. When the weather cools I am hoping to start running outside (so far all has been on a treadmill) and then I want to try my local parkrun. Good luck with whatever you decide to do and as others have said - don't be too hard on yourself - you have graduated - that is a great achievement in itself.


Bit similar here. Running for 30-35 mins upto 3x a week. Found the Speed, Stamina, Stepping Stone podcasts mentioned earlier - not tried stamina but the other 2 are good. I like being talked through what i need to do. I'm a slow runner too, doing around 3.5k in the 30 mins so trying to increase my pace a bit. Feeling happy plodding along though knowing i'm doing so much more than I was pre C25k!!

Keep at it - we'll all be fine 😀

Thanks , looks like a lot of us .. wandering after C25K without any set goal .. need to refocus

I feel a bit like you and I bought myself a Fitbit to help. The daily tasks on there are a good motivator and I’ve just signed up to Fitbit Coach, which sets you weekly work out routines. I’m not far into that yet so I’m not sure how well it will work but maybe worth a look? The C25K challenge was great for me and I know what you mean about struggling without that motivator.

Thanks Starbeas , I am also planning to put some structure in my weekly schedule .. 10 k step is great motivator 😊😊


For parkrun I just do week 8 or 9 (without the 5 min walk at first) and then run, walk, stumble the rest. There’s always a ‘tail-walker’ provided by parkrun so you never come last,

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