Week 7 runs and finding my Happy Place😀!

Am on Week 7 again, having worked my way back from a horrid calf tear at week 8 the first time round and about ten weeks on the injury couch. Repeating some of the earlier weeks was really tough at first, my leg felt so weak initially and was prone to various odd aches and pains. However, following the work of a fab physio I plodded on, determined to get that satisfying feeling when the pure joy of the run was everything. Today was that day, running with my teenage son, (who is beginning to realise that not liking sport at school does not stop you becoming a runner - so proud of him) and with Kate Bush album 'Cloudbusting' playing through the App. ( yes - "Running up that hill"!) Ran for a few minutes over the 25 as the bottom of the track was in view and we both felt so good. Everything is at last falling back in to place. I think I found my happy place guys, and it was out there, running😀😀😀.



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7 Replies

  • Hurrah, good for you! :-)

  • Ah that most special of places- the running happy place! So pleased you've rediscovered it :)

  • Up until you find your happy place, running, it's a bit too much like school, and more a trial you have to wag your finger at yourself to make yourself endure. As soon as you hit that spot, you realise the runners who claimed they did it because it made them happy (or because they were addicted) were not weird or untruthful. And you realise that staying fit is not going to be that difficult after all. Things you enjoy doing seldom feel unnecessarily difficult.

    As for getting your son involved, good for you (and of course, for him). Sometimes I imagine how life might have turned out had I learned the "c25k secret" when I was young (I'm sure we all must do). If you start as a teenager, for starters you can easily give yourself a year to complete the programme if you needed it. You'll get back about 10 even if you do, probably. And just to have something like this to help ease the bad days when being young was so damn difficult ... that would've been the best of it/ will be the best part for your son. Slowly (and really it's not THAT slowly, either) build up an ability to run something beyond a half hour, and you can clear your head of just about anything in that time. I hope more and more young people get to enjoy the fantastic benefits this programme offers.

  • Wise words Gary. Thank you.😀

  • Brilliant Sandra , that is great news ! :-) xxx

  • So glad you're back! I hope you will soon be fully recovered with no niggles to get on your nerves! Good that your son is enjoying running as well

    It's been a long road back for you, and it's so soul destroying being on the couch isn't it, but thankfully you're nearly mended now with lots to look forward to

    Let us know how it goes. I am still injured and not running so I'll be interested to learn how your reintroduction to running goes. Thanks and good luck x

  • Thanks Misswobble. It was a bit of a stop- start return initially, but now I am feeling steady progress. I think I just have to remember to continue to take things slowly. Having said that, it has been quite a while since I felt as comfortable running as I did yesterday. Of course the problem is, you injure one part of your leg and then while this heals and regains strength, you end up putting extra strain on other parts! I am trying to be better at my calf raises, squats and stretching etc. I had to just ignore the very impatient side of me and learn to listen to my body, I think. Also, having the physio helped because she referred me for a scan which showed the reason that things were taking so long was due to a stubborn clot from the injury which was taking a while to be reabsorbed because it was lying between the soleus and gastroc muscles. Again, time was all I needed. I did read about your injury - really hope you are able to get back out there again soon. Take care and thanks.x

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