Can I really do it?

Morning all, so after graduating over 8 weeks ago, I've not run consistantly which I'm annoyed about because when I have I've felt great afterwards.

So my dilemma is I'm a button away from entering a 5k at the end of the month is this realistic? Yes, I'm capable of running for 30mins but that isn't necessarily 5k.

Now you might wonder why I don't do a parkrun and my reason is I know that having to pay means I'll commit.

Any thoughts, suggestions, advice is welcomed.



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15 Replies

  • Yes of course it is realistic. You probably aren't running 5k in 30 minutes, but you are probably running more than 4k in that time, so al you have to do is keep going for another 3 or 4 minutes and you're done. On race day adrenaline and the thrill of running in a pack and all that will make you run faster and further without even being aware of it. In a very worst case scenario walk a bit of it.

  • Yes, you could but need to run a bit more. I was the same, just chip away at it. I try and make sure I get out and run 3 times a week.

    And Parkruns free, get in and try one, it's great! You don't have to run all the way either...but best to keep jogging if you can.. Just keep on pushing through..

  • Go for it - what better way to reignite your enthusiasm?

  • Thanks for responding guys, I have just signed up all paid for and going for a run this lunch time!

    I'll keep you posted on how I get on with training and of course on the day (27th September).

  • We will be running in spirit together on the 27th then, as I'm doing a 10k on the same day up in Inverness, so go us and good luck!!

  • Me too! I shall be running the 20k Spartan Beast down at Ashburnham Place. Clearly an auspicious day!

  • Oooh fab , Good Luck Rig , I think I am going to google that and see what it entails, probably tearing tree trunks apart with your bare hands , and carrying 50lb lump hammers in each hand :-) Ha ha

  • There is an Atlas Stone carry which is 100lb - carry it 20m downhill, put it down, do 5 burpees, pick it up again and carry it back uphill.

    Oh and I will be wearing a skirt and not much else.

  • I have just been looking at the website ! It is brutal !

    Massive respect to you Rig, definitely not for the faint hearted, it was really good to see so many women taking part too !

    Please will you ask Mrs Rig to take lots of photos ? :-) xxx

  • 300 of my closest personal friends and I are going to do it in one wave all dressed as Spartan warriors as the the Spartan 300. With helmets, shield and sword. Although with the turn in the weather I am beginning to feel a little apprehensive about 4 hours of immersion in muddy water wearing a skirt and cloak and nothing else. But heyho. Or Aroo! or whatever. You gotta say yes to another excess.

  • Aroo ! or is it Arranga ? Summat like that anyway :-)

    Oh that's sounds amazing , Men in skirts , yep, it will definitely catch on :-) xxx

  • We will all have to report back on here afterwards then, good luck rignold...20k!!!exciting stuff! :D

  • Good Luck Jacjos and Jules , exciting times ahead !

    Oooh you cant beat a race, I love 'em , Get in !!!! :-) xxx

  • Good luck to all you racers!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!!!!! I'll be waving, cheering, shouting and waving me clacker

    Rig! You are certifiable. Good luck with it. Can't you wear a thermal vest. Keep your chest warm an all that. Rub with wintergreen or goose fat etc

  • Morning All,

    Hope you are well, sooooooooooo I did it!

    My first 5k and my aim was to run/jog all of it and secretly I wanted to do it in under an hour and I hit both my goals!! Yeah me :). Thank you all for the words of encouragement they meant a lot.

    Rignold - how did you get on with your Spartan Beast ?

    Jules50 - how was your 10k?

    Question, when does the aching stop!?

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