Wk9 Run 3 COMPLETED - WAAAAAYHAAAAAAAY I REALLY Can do it, so can you!

I am so excited as I sit here typing this blog, I have completed the couch to 5k plan, and yes it took a little longer than 9wks and no I don't think I am entirely able to run 5k (managed about 3k), but things can and will only get better, i'm sure!

Feeling so much healthier, despite a slight cold at the mo, and a little slimmer. I never imaged when I started the course that I would ever be able to run for a full 30 minutes and here I am so proud of myself :)))))) The blogs people write have also inspired me too.

I am also looking excited about getting a shiney new badge ....how do I get this, could anybody tell me???

Keep up the good work everybody and I'm off to download the stepping stones podcasts, well that's after I have freshened up a little.

a very Happy Helen in Bristol



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13 Replies

  • Helen - you need to change your ID now to "IREALLYcando this" because girl, YOU JUST DID!!! Woo hoo, well done you and welcome to the grad club!!

    The distance doesnt matter at this point, that gives you something to work on going forward, but the running for 30 mins is a brilliant achievement so enjoy the moment and bask in the glory! You have every reason to feel proud!

    Just contact John (JR21) to get your shiny new badge; you will find him in the directory above under admin.

    Best wishes for your continued running adventures!

    Sue x

  • Thank you Sue, on a mission to find John now and get my badge, and perhaps up the pace a little and aim to get to 5k. I'd really love to do the Bristol 10k in April, but don't have the confidence to enter just yet. I will keep you posted.




  • Well done Helen - I'm right behind you and hope to complete run 3 tomorrow! xxx

  • Hello CatLoverSue, you go girl, it's an amazing feeling, think positive, think of the blogs and just remember to pace yourself, good luck YOU CAN DEFINATELY DO IT! x x x

  • Well done Helen, brilliant to hear someone else has succeeded! Can't wait to be there myself. Congratulations :)

  • Big thank you Leyther1, ...can't actually believe it myself, however, reading other blogs, I feel it may be time to download some other podcasts - good for those rest days! What week are you on? Its made me feel soooooo much better, what aobut you?

  • Well done fantastic achievment, i am in awe. Great pic of you by the way! Ed

  • Thank you BigEd, all these lovely comments are going to my head! What week are you currently on? Don't think these frosty mornings help either, do you?



    PS your pic isn't bad either ;)))

  • I am only on W3 but i have a go at the Parkruns as well, hard work tho. The cold weather can affect my asthma which doesn't help. Ooh sounds like i have pulled, shall i get me coat? :-) Ed x

  • Congratulations, Helen!!! What an amazing achievement!!! You have every reason to be very happy and very proud!!!! YOU HAVE REALLY DONE THIS!!!! :-)

    No worries about distance and speed!! As you continue, you can focus a bit more on both of them and they will gradually come with time!! You will be at the 5K mark and have your sights set on the 10K before you know it!!

    Enjoy that new badge...you have most certainly earned it!!

    Congratulations again and Keep Running!! :-)


  • Thanks Steve, I plan on dowloading some more podcasts and perhaps do some excercises on my rest days! I would love to think I could eventually run the Bristol 10K.

    I am very excited about the New badge, will wear it with pride! I certainly intend to keep running and improving, and of course I will let you all know how I am doing.

    Kind regards


  • Helen

    you are a good inspiration, Keep up the great work!! i try to keep this in my head, "you can do anything, when you put your mind to it" I believe in that, and it has given me more confidence in my self, knowing i can get passed minor details, I am only training at 10.5km a day right now, but will get to my 16k very soon. I still need to get to my first Marathon, can't wait!! Take care and god bless

    Happy running



  • Congratulations, well done Helen! Speed and distances will come in time, just keep running, try some of the graduate podcasts and you will get there. The key is to have fun doing it and to feel great afterwards. I'm a recent graduate and I am planning to do a 10K next spring too - just think, a few months ago you didn't believe you could run for 30 minutes, but now you have, at least 3 times, so believe the same for the 10K, you can do it!

    Happy running x

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