Can I do it??

Hi Everyone,

I've looked over the programme and decided that I'm going to give it a try, however, I'm sorry to say I'm feeling pessimistic already. I'm confident I'll be able to do the first few weeks, however, I don'T see how I'm going to do the last few weeks. I'm a normal weight but unfit and asthmatic. I understand that I will adapt to the training (as long as I adhere to the programme) which will hopefully prepare me for the later stages. At the moment I can hardly run 10 minutes, let alone 30!! Did anyone on here start in the same position as me? Feel like the last weeks were going to be impossible but managed to do them?

Hope someone can reassure me!!

Thanks :)


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30 Replies

  • Many of us could not run 1 minute when we started. I was sick and physically shaking halfway through W1R2. I was filled with dread at the thought of 3 minutes of joined up running. Stick with it and it works. I couldn't run a mile even when I was at school more than 30 years ago, and now, thanks to C25k I run 15 milers.

  • Thank you, that is very encouraging!!

  • Hear hear! I nearly gave up after week 1, and now I'm enjoying running 30 mins 3x per week and in the snow and ice! Have faith in yourself and have faith in the programme. It's not a race. Do it at your own pace and redo some weeks if you need to, but I bet you'll be fine. Just take it slowly (and I mean really slowly) and don't run like a kid at playgroup!

  • I really struggled to run 60 seconds when I started the programme, middle of October, so less than three months ago. I had a fun run for 6.5km yesterday, no problems! And if I can do it, so can you!

  • Yep, I've just checked! I started C25K two and a half months ago, and I graduated three and a half weeks ago, which seems to have released me to freedom!

  • Wow thank you all so much for your quick replies, they are so so encouraging and I am looking forward to starting the programme tonight! I will keep you all updated :) x

  • I couldn't even run 60 seconds and had to spend two months WALKING just to be able to run for 60 seconds. So yep, you'll do perfectly fine, starting from a better position than many :)

  • Hi, YES YOU CAN !!! The most I ever ran before this programme, was to the shops for some fags before it closed :-D

    This programme really works, just take your time. Slow and steady is the way. Trust in Laura and the programme.

    Keep posting of your progress as it really helps in keeping you focused and motivated.

    Good Luck and enjoy it ! :-) xxx

  • Hah Poppy you were just like me!! xx

  • Ha ha I used to smoke like a flippin' chimney ! :-) xxx

  • Me too. 20 a day for about 25 years. Stopped 3 years ago in April Still can't quite believe it

  • Fab stuff ! I stopped 2 years in September . I smoked about the same too ! Stopping smoking and doing this programme are 2 of the best things Ive ever done ! :-) xxx

  • Ditto. Just need to lose a bit of weight now. I don't eat more just my metabolic rate has totally changed since not having the evil weed. I'd be happy with a dress size :)

  • Yep me too ! I have always had a sweet tooth though. I think I am a sugar addict. Mind you, if I can kick the fags I should by the same logic , be able to bin the sugar. I do love chocolate though, too much :-) xxx

  • You will be first on my list Kitty ! I think we have just got to bite the bullet and go for it , but not until January 1st ! I still have got 3 more choc eating days to fill ! Ha ha ! :-) xxx

  • Oooh yes, sorry , yes sshhh , we never said a word did we , Kitty ? Errr, hum , quick, lets run ! :-) xxx

  • 2 tubs of roses gone (why do they all taste of coffee this year?) and one of quality street to go. Plus 3/4 of a Christmas cake. I'll be good after that!

  • Ive really gone off the Roses, they used to be my favourite, but something is different about them.

    Plus I am not too keen on the strawberry/orange creams, they seemed to be loads of them in the last tub I had. I like Celebrations best I think .

    I love the Maltesers one , Cor Blimey, its gorgeous ! :-) xxx

  • Pah ! We would've got away with it if it hadn't been for those pesky wrappers ! :-) xxx

  • Yep, I also didn't believe I would make it through the first weeks, let alone the latter ones... but follow the plan and you WILL surprise yourself. Re the asthma, get yourself to your GP and discuss it, I recently discovered I get it when out in the cold/damp... couple of puffs on an inhaler... problem solved :-)

  • I did complete week1 run 1, but only just. I was completely exhausted. But I believed in what people on here are saying and carried on. Week 2 was doable, but again only just. I've just repeated w2r3 to make sure I'm ready to start w3 (I've had a bit of a chesty cold that affects my breathing), and I finished that quite well.

    So Wednesday I'll do w3r1 and I'll post. If I can do that, then the theory that c25k really does prepare you for the longer runs then I'll start believing rather than taking it on trust.

  • Yes you can! Most of us started from nothing and found week one tough - if you can already run 10 minutes you should find it a breeze!

    Just follow the podcasts and build up slow and steady. Concentrate on the current run and don't fret about what lies ahead.

    Good luck.

  • Hi there - as someone with asthma and bronchiectasis who run/walks can I offer the following advice. To avoid aggravating your asthma - have a couple of puffs of your preventer about 10mins before you go out, make sure you warm up really well and avoid breathing in cold air by covering your mouth with a buff or a scarf. If you are getting short of breath slow down and dont worry if you find you are a bit wheezy when you finish, have some more of your preventer inhaler and do some controlled breathing. I also find having someone run with me very reassuring.

    Take it steady and you will find what works for you. Have fun.

  • Erm yeah i would think most of us started dreading even running for 1 min and the thought of 30 mins would be enough to put anyone off BUT dont let it , I was a 40 a day ex smoker and was 56 when i started , i did do lots of walking before starting but other than that a typical couch potato!!!!

    Go for it , take each run as it comes, slow and steady and slower still if need be to complete the timed runs and yeah each week builds you for the next and so on ...

    It is the best thing you can ever do :) so take those 1st steps and beging the program taht can and will change your life :D :D good luck keep us posted :D :D

  • What they said...heavens ! if you can do 10 mins already you are WAY ahead of a lot of us who really struggled with the 60 second runs at the beginning. Good luck !

  • As of today I graduated. I didn't think I would be able to do it either when I started. My advice would be to take your time. As long as you are moving forward in a jog it doesn't matter how fast. And there is no harm in repeating weeks if you are finding then hard or going back a week if need be. I know the aim is to complete in 9 weeks but sometimes it takes longer and that's fine as long as you eventually reach the goal. Decent shoes are a must too.

  • Me and my friend started not being able to run more than a minute. I'm 46 ex smoker and she is 52. 6/7 weeks later we both ran 5km for charity and I graduated on Christmas Day. I've never run in my life. Apart from some calf problems I've loved every minute. I'm an addict now. Just do as Laura says and you'll be totally fine....promise! Good luck xx

  • im just come across this plan im currently 18 st im training 2 hrs a day and 6 days a week trying to lose the 2 stone ive piled on (already lost one) after a road traffic accident earlier in the year left me pretty much immobile but the weight loss is really slow im going to give this ago as i cant run for love nor money and hopefully will help with my weight loss

  • You can do it.Always hated exercise,struggled with my weight.add a broken ankle with a metal plate.i never thought I could run.I feel like I have got a new lease of life thanks to these podcasts.have lost 2 stone and I am enjoying exercise for the first time since school.Try it.what have you got to lose????you will be so proud of yourself after the first session.

  • You can definitely do it. Just take it steady and follow the program; you will be amazed at your progress. Don't look too far ahead into the coming weeks; take it a run at a time. Looking at week seven from week two is terrifying and enough to put anyone off. Everybody gets doubts, that's completely normal, even experienced runners get them. Trust the program and you will get through it. Don't get hung up on distance or anything, just stick with it and you'll be fine.

    Good luck! :-)

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