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Not feeling great. Stretching?

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So after My first run yesterday, I 've woken up and remember why my fitness attempts always fail. My legs and back and various other muscles ache quite a bit (not as bad in previous attempts where's I've pushed myself a lot more). What normally happens though is my legs etc. then feel a lot worse tomorrow and potentially even more so the day after so further exercise / running is ruled out. but I'm really hoping that won't happen or I can find away to avoid it from happening ?!

And to think that yesterday I thought I didn't need a rest day?!? I genuinely felt fine after and I really didn't push myself too much.

I just wondered what people do for stretching etc. To avoid injury. Before/ after? What stretches? How long for?

Thank you so much for all your advice yesterday. I'm really hoping that I'm not going to have to start again again because I will need too many rest days!

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That sounds perfectly normal post exercise ache. Always worse 2 days after. Stretch after every run and on as many other days as possible. Warm up well. Never ever skip a rest day. I think running on aching muscles is OK. Mine were hurting yesterday from walking up seriously steep hills on Sunday but I ran, did every stretch I know straight after. They feel fine today.

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Ok I wont panic just yet. Thanks for your advice. That's hopeful. Do you think I should stretch today then? Is it bad to stretch on cold / unexercised muscles ? I am sure it read that somewhere...

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On non run days I stretch at the end of the day or after walking. I started with just the five minutes warm up walk but now do a few other things to get the legs moving, mostly picked up by watching people at the start of park run. But nothing that involves holding a stretch.

If your muscles are really achy an extra rest day might be good. Just don't give up. Only way to get the muscles strong enough not to hurt is to exercise.


I just undertake a warm-up walk before, where I gradually increase my pace. Afterwards I always do these

I do the stretches even on non-run days and also use a foam roller everyday.

Sounds like your aches and pains may just be the norm and will subside as you get stronger - but, if you are concerned check with your GP.

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I have a foam roller!!! I bought it on my last fitness attempt but never really worked out what to do with it !! Will go find that. Thank you for the link also. Will check them out and start today :)

Do you walk for longer than the suggested 5 minutes warm up and cool down in the podcasts then?

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Since I graduated I don't time my warm-up / warm down walks anymore. But I do two circuits of the road where I live, which is around the distance I used to cover on my timed walks anyway. If I was running somewhere else, then I would time them, and for me 5 minutes does the trick. Though if I have more time after a run then a longer warm down is always nice to help return me to my normal shade. Its probably better for the muscles too.


Try these on rest days and there is a whole load of stretching exercises out there..Always. always even before your warm up walk, warm up your running legs.. they will be really troublesome otherwise..Running on cold muscles is the sure way to the IC...:(

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Running at these early stages brings aches and pains... that is really to be expected...but constant aches and pains are not good... never, ever run through pain either.

At the end of the run, stretching (and rolling too if possible) are essential... gets rid of those knots and the tightening...your legs will thank you for it...

Find a routine that works for you, before and after your run.. it will pay dividends.


I limberup a bit before I go out, not really any stretching, just to start warming up then do the 5min warmup walk, it takes some a tad longer than 5 mins to warm up, I do, something like 1-2k when I start off running a very slow jog and build until firing on all cylinders! And then stretch well afterwards, there are stretches you can do in the pinned posts, remember, warming up and stretching after and going slow n steady is key to minimise risk of injury..😊


After each run I use the stretches that Oldfloss has posted, but find that holding for 30seconds is preferential.


Definitely sound like normal aches, especially as they are worse the day after and is the reason for the rest days. You ask about stretching cold muscles. With all stretches the idea is go gently and don't bounce.

Oldfloss has given a good selection (but those knee bends kill me! - oh and take care to keep your back straight)

Maybe you ran too hard? Take it easy and enjoy it. Hopefully that way you won't injure yourself or hurt too much the day after

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