Couch to 5K

W2R1 just about done

Well I managed to start wk 2 despite telling myself all day that my sore throat was enough to stop me going outside the door. Plus I'm still too self conscious to run outside unless it's in the dark.

Went ok despite getting soaked and having to stop lots of times so doggie could shake rain off her coat and/or relieve herself!

Know what people mean about the wk 2 music now. Some of it isn't too bad but there's a couple of really dodgy tracks on there :-)

Roll on W2R2.......

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There's more dodgy music to come but it's worth putting up with it, so stick with Laura and all the advice she'll give you. She tells you exactly what to do and when. She's very good, so stick with her and she'll get you running


Don't mind the music really, it's all part of the fun of getting fit. Hope your running's going ok.


Well done, I gave up with running with my dog after week 1 she wanted sniff far to much it was becoming a challenge to follow Laura's instructions. So on run days it walk the dogs, the pensioner never attempted the running, and run by myself.


Know what you mean it can be too much hassle taking them with you. Think I'll end up leaving dog at home.


Yep, I tried with the dog and still do but not when I'm following Laura. They stop suddenly and then you're catapulted backwards, or they veer off down slopes and into ditches etc. It's crazy, so no more. When I take the dog a walk I do a few jogs with him while he's paying attention, which is not for long. I'm not running at the mom Choccy as I got too ambitious and hurt myself, so now I'm repenting at leisure with hot and cold running ice packs. Don't follow my example!


Well done. I'm starting w2. I have been running in the gym but hope to transfer outside when it's lighter. Live in rural area and it's rather hazardous to run in dark. Keep going!


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