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First run with someone else, and post-graduation!

So yesterday evening I went out for a run with my partner. I was the one that was going "Come on! Let's go on a run!" beforehand but during the run it's fair to say he coped better than me...!

We redid the W9R3 podcast as I haven't looked into anything else yet (thanks others for your pointers, I will do!)

I was a little disappointed he found it so much easier than me, seeing as I've been training for 9 weeks and he hasn't(!), but eh. I kind of knew it would happen as he's just one of these people who can do anything sporty.

We went off much faster than I have done on my solo runs, and I really felt it for just about the whole way! I was gasping for breath and not sure I'd be able to finish. But the main thing I'm happy about is that I DID keep going and he said he was proud of me and amazed I could do it!

We did 5.29km (walks included) with an average pace of 8 minutes/km. I think I might start timing just the runs in future.

All in all I definitely think I prefer running on my own without the pressure of someone beside you, but on the other hand I got more of a workout I suppose?

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I agree with you, I find it really difficult to run at someone else's pace. My OH and I often start off together but part company after a few minutes and with no hard feelings!


It's very good if you do have a partner that will go out and exercise with you. They may be faster but that's ok if it's not something you do every time you go out. You don't want to overdo it. If you run alone most of the time that should be fine for you

My husband used to be a runner but is now a couch potato and won't even walk! Bah!


I have always run on my own, with the exceptions of parkruns now . Not sure I would cope when running with a running partner well done for giving it a go and doing it

You shouldn't feel disappointed you are doing great and we all run at our own pace, we are all a mix of abilities/pace and recovery etc


You are doing so well. That sounds like a good pace for someone who has recently graduated. I just know I couldn't run with anyone else at this point.

I'm just building myself up for my FINAL week 9 run!


Well done for keeping up. I normally run on my own too but have done a couple of runs with my sister, she's way faster than me, even at her slow pace so I normally end up slowing her up quite alot which she's very forgiving about. Lol.

Keep up the great work either on your own or with your partner.

Mine is a backseat runner. Doesn't do it but has suddenly become an expert on it......


Well done! It might have felt a bit hard, but sounds like you had a great run!!

Drag yourself and your partner along to a parkrun - then you can both run at paces you are happy with and compare yourselves afterwards. The age grading that parkrun gives you is age/gender comparable percentage - it might surprise you! My son beats me by about 4 mins over 5k, but age related, I leave him standing! :)


Sporty men - don't you just hate that they find it so easy?

Sounds like you coped well and made him proud. Good for you - but don't risk injury by over doing it.


When I run with my wife it forces me to run at the sort of pace at which I should do most of my runs (according to the received wisdom). While I am careful not to push her, we normally end up running faster than she would, if on her own, so it can work for both of us. It is also a great pleasure to share running with your partner, if only occasionally.

Here's wishing you many happy runs together in the future.


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