W6 R1

Some runs you will remember for a long time, maybe because of the pain, or your struggle to breathe, or the elation at completing a week. w6 R1 will go down as  uneventful and unmemorable, and i suppose thats good,  the programe must be working. I just hope R2  prepares me for the 25 min non stop of R3, I know it will, but that little doubt keeps creeping in!     

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11 Replies

  • Well done on completing it Patrick. I hope I feel the same after W5R3 later, the doubts are starting to creep in :(

    You seem quite disappointed which is not like you at all. You're doing so well I'm in awe x

  • They can't all be memorable and if running is turning into a routine that's good as well.  My W7 was a bit like that. W6 I liked because it was the last of the intervals. W8 was memorable because I discovered I actually had 2 speeds. W9 was, of course, great because graduation was approaching, although the only really memorable run was my graduation run in the snow! The others just built up stamina and got my body used to running for longer times. Also good. 

    Well done for getting so far - you're nearly there!

  • Sounds like you're doing just great! Loads of people find the first runs of week 6 really tricky, but you sound as if you breezed through. Well done!

  • Yeay.. you're back... all's well with the world:)

  • Thanks sweetie x

  • Well done Patrick for what you have already achieved in the program. The program has got your body ready to take on the next step. Put the doubts out of your mind, take it steady and in a little while you will posting that you have cracked it! Keep up the good work and your posts.

  • Kick the little doubt out... you are doing wonderfully!

    Go Patrick!

  • Thanks folks, I do'nt think it was a down after finishing R1 as being less of a high! if that makes sense. Finishing W5 had left me so elated,. I will be ready fo R3.

  • Well done, Patrick. I know what you mean. W6R1 was a bit meh for me too after the high of the previous run.

  • Yes Week 6 can bite you on the bum after the euphoria of completing Week 5 I think.

    You did it, 2 more of these and then youre back to all running and no walking intervals .

    Fantastic Patrick , Well done ! :-) xxx

  • I thought w6r1 was a let down after the euphoria of completing w5r3. You're doing really well Patrick. I predict you're going to be feeling pretty good after running for 25 min. Wait and see :)

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