W6 r1 - not good

Not long back from w6 r1. Completed my post run stretches and have had a chance to reflect on this session.

A pulled muscle in my thigh made me start a day later than planned. Dragged myself out this evening. I started out too fast I think - think I was maybe boyed by the success of w5 r3. Then on the run back I found the up hill bit *hard* I had a fleeting moment of "give up, this is really unpleasant", but before I could act on said impulse I quickly thought of this forum, slowed down and ploughed on.

All in all, I did not enjoy this run, it was hard work, every single second of running from the second interval onwards. I was most annoyed at poor Laura's demeanour at the end!


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12 Replies

  • I seem to remember I had to redo part of Week 6 Run 1 (but it might have been Run 2). It was one of the good days, so I didn't mind that much. But Week 5 Run 2 (I think) nearly killed me. Same problem, I think. Going too fast, and then it becomes hard work, from which it's hard to recover, once you've persisted too long.

    Oh well, you'll probably be stronger for it in the long run. Well done for choosing the correct "bail out" option, and carrying on. It's handy to have another speed available, isn't it?

  • Thanks Gary. My intention is to start off slower for r2. Hopefully it will be a better run. Hope your runs are going well (or as well as possible!) :-)

  • Runs are going fine. It's sleeping that's messing me up at the moment. I hope the slower start to r2 does the trick for you, and I'm sure it will.

  • I struggled a bit with W6 R1, I think because the W5 R3 had left me overconfident, hence the running faster, 'cos "I can do this - it will be a doddle after doing a full 20 mins on Friday without stopping". The rest of the week got better. Just keep following the plan, you're doing great. And if you need to repeat some of it, it is just giving your mind and body a chance to catch up - no biggie.

  • Thanks so much Purple. Feeling a bit deflated, so it's nice to have some reassurance.

    I think my thinking going into this run was exactly as you described. Hopefully the next run will come a bit easier.

  • W6R1 has a reputation for being a real damp squib - I think the intervals are calculated to really make the 30 minutes tough. It'll get better now - graduation in sight!

  • Thanks M. Last night was the first time I thought I can't do this. Must keep going. Graduation in site :-)

  • If it hurts, then always remember - start slowly and then slow down.

  • Thanks Acton. Always good to have input from graduates of the programme.

  • You did it though - hope you're feeling very proud of yourself - especially as you considered giving up! I get a bit irate at Laura at times - especially 'you're doing great' when I can barely draw breath and am wheezing my way through the last run of the session lol.

    Well done - enjoy your day of rest and you'll be ready for the next run :-) x

  • Haha, I got a bit annoyed with poor Laura at the end. Not even sure what she said, but it was something cheerful and the opposite of how I was feeling at the time ;-)

    True, I did keep going. Maybe I should cut myself some slack.

  • Indeed you should. Would you even have considered yourself capable of doing that 6 weeks ago? Go you!!

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