I can't believe it's not butter!

Well actually it is butter, it is just in a back-pack.

My father-in-law is returning home after a visit, so for a treat I am making a lasagne for tea (a Mary Berry recipe no less!) but I managed to use most of my meager remaining Bertolli (other spreads are available - no unfair advertising).

As an extra special treat, I thought I would go the whole hog and make an apple and rhubarb crumble - but of course for the crumble topping....I need butter.

Hmmm. What to do? Phone the wife, she is in town and she can pop to the local corner shop Sainsbury's (a bit like the Tesco Metro stores) which is still open at this time on a Sunday. No answer - well that's a shocker. I sometimes wonder why she has a mobile!

Now here is the rub. Before, I would have jumped in the car for a quick zip down and back, maybe even jumped on the motorbike (Batcycle, Batcycle must remember to call it the Batcycle) but that is a bit faffy getting the lid on and changing into boots. So.......I ran.

This is a man who would get out of breath running a bath.

I popped on my leggings and running top, fast forwarded week 8 Laura to remove some of the warm up walk (Sainsbury's is not far enough away otherwise) and set off. Now, usually I walk up the road before I start - I live half way along a hill but the town centre is the other way, so I started running straight away, downhill. I was conscious not to go too fast due to the slope.

End of the road, across the main road at the bottom and straight on - nice and gentle. At this point I must also say, as I was giong to buy some groceries, I needed my wallet. These new running leggings are not over endowed with pockets. Just one tiny one for a door key. So I had donned a ruck-sack. I am running to Sainsbury's - with a ruck-sack. I think I am becoming a little unhinged.

Get to the end of the road, turn left and....uphilll. God, how do you guys who do hills cope? Running uphill is not funny! Top of the hill, turn right, over the taxi rank and at Sainsbury's. Pause Laura and stop the stop-watch (I know, get me. A stop-watch!). 9 minutes. Bugger. That didn't take very long. So I jogged round the town a short bit, then back to Sainsbury's. Re-pause Laura and get the goods. Into the rucky, 5p change, thanks very much, off I go again. Re-start Laura and the watch, run back the same route. Aha - downhill now, yipee.

A quick look at the watch shows that I am going to get home before time so time for a long detour. This entails running uphill again.

Even with the longer way round, I still end up at the bottom of my road at around 20 odd minutes. Blast, I have got to run up my road. Unbelievable. I get near to my house at 22 minutes - never mind, I think. Only three more minutes and I'm done, I can just walk back a little (you may be ahead of me at this point).

Pass my house and Laura says, well done just 5 minutes left. WHAT??? No there isn't. 2 minutes. What are you talking about 5 blinkin' minutes? Then the penny drops. Week 7 is 25 minutes. I am on week 8. Oh God - uphill I continue. Up to the top and round the block to eat up the remaining time. Hrrrumph!

Did I run 28 minutes continuously? No. Racing around the inside of Sainsbury's scaring the old lady at the kiosk is not the done thing.

Did I run uphill several times? Yes.

Am I taking this as W8 R3. You bet I am!! U-P-H-I-L-L. With a ruck-sack. And butter.

I got in and then crumbled. Not literally, I made pudding - very nice it was too. Even if it was only a small portion for me. ;)


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19 Replies

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  • Haha that's the most entertaining week 8 run ever. The only problem is my hunger pangs for the lasagne and crumble!

  • The butter must have made all the difference ;)

    As you say, running up hills isn't funny but it is big and it is clever ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Love it! I can just see you making crumble wearing your cape :)

  • that is a great run!! loved reading it :)

  • Haha :D Great post, you did the shopping AND W8 at the same time. And, if that wasn't enough, you made pudding too. Fantastic :)

  • Just a hero. Simple.

    Especially if it was homemade custard ( well out of a tin, powdered, no advertising)

    Mind you, now that you have advertised your expertise, Mrs Batman will have you doing the full shop A La backpack......

  • Thanks for that. She reads these posts you know! That's me scuppered.....

  • Now that's multi tasking!!

    Fab post and I was soo smiling the whole way through.

    You run, you shop, you make Lasagne AND you do crumble, you really are a super hero and there was me thinking it was just a cover.

    Graduation week next

    Jules xx

  • I know. Absolutely seriously unbelievable. Week 9. Wow.

  • Careful! You're starting to exceed your speed limit there. :D Next time you'll have to run out to the edge of town, and then swoop back in from an unexpected direction, so that you take them by even more surprise, load up the potatoes and bottles of wine, and then fly out across to some other far-flung unknown edge of your town, before zigging your zag back home. A very entertaining run you had.

  • Ha ha, that really made me laugh.

    Running takes you places!!!!! If only to supermarkets! I got a cyclists backpack from Lidl for ยฃ6.99 and it's just the thing for shopping on the run. I run to Lidl and Morrisons, two stores I used to think were too far away. Having just a small bag means you're not tempted to buy too much

    You make crumble!!!! My hero

  • According to the tags I'm Alan Partridge. 'Aha'

  • What a epic tale! brilliant! its great to run AND shop! the crumble sounds yummy! :) very well done, and hills too! :)

  • What can I say? Hilarious recount, looking forward to the next episode! Good luck!

  • Holy Crumble Batman ! Kapow ! Splat !

    Well done , a true superhero ! :-) xxx

  • That is amazing!! I must admit I am a bit tired just reading about it but the reward sounds yummy. I too wonder why my partner has a phone as he never answers it but I am sure he sees my name and ignores my call!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Well done ! I love the fact that Sainsburys was 'too close' for running. Hills are good for you....just saying....

  • Haha you've literally made me LOL which has now woke up my hubby who is looking at me like I'm a crazed person! Brilliant, well done! :)

  • Brilliant...what a great way to get the shopping... Well done :)

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