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I can't believe it! W5R2 done!


OMG. I've just finished W5R2.

We're on holiday in Italy and it's ridiculously hot, so I knew I'd have to go early. Just finished the run at 08:30 which is the latest I estimate it's cool enough to run. Couldn't go earlier as I am baking bread for breakfast.

Also, the surface of the "white road" outs the house makes it more scree running than road running. And we're on a tiny flattish section on top of a hill bounded by vertiginous hills either side (also, as I discovered, a farm with several very barky dogs.)

But I did it! Just did laps backwards and forwards on the bits of road that weren't lethally steep or hideously pot-holed, Sarah Millican encouraging me along all the while.

At one point I tried running down a gentle incline only to find, once I turned round to run (ha!) back, that it had morphed into a killer scree face. DIDN'T STOP THOUGH! Slowed down to a glacial pace rather than my usually brisk funereal, went a rather charming magenta colour and just about stopped myself throwing up, but carried on!

Anyway, onward and upward!

Love to all xxx

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Yay well done! Looks beautiful there

Well done - early morning runs are the way to go when its hot I think!! And you have set yourself up for the day ahead!!! I've been going out early myself in the mornings but in the UK - looks lovely where you are 😎🏃‍♀️ enjoy your home baked bread x

The bread will taste even better after such a brilliant achievement. Well done you!

Brilliant, well done. I've been running in Spain, where I'm on holiday, the hardest thing is the heat. I completed W5r3 this morning and had a very similar look 🍅

Languid_Lil in reply to Toffee3

Me too! W5R3 today 🍎!

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