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What next??

I am starting week 7 on Monday and already feeling like I will be leaving home on week 9 because everyone here on the Forum is so encouraging and supportive with us all focussing on the same goals. It is great to see graduates still here and chatting, gives me hope I can do it too!

There is saying goodbye to Laura too, I know it is a recording but she keeps us company, soothes and challenges us, the thought of going out alone = 😔!

I just discovered the C25K+ Podcasts (all done by Laura) so I can take her beyond week 9 and still chat on the Forum too so I hope I can get to graduation and beyond. Any other ideas?


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You can keep listening to Laura! I played the week 9 podcast again today for old times sakes and I'm sure it helped me run better. When it got to the end I had to just press play again though, as I'm running for more than 30mins now (and I run through the walk bits too). You can also join realfoodieclub's 'Quests' which are 6 weeks long, you can set any goal you like. You can increase your distance to 5k, increase by about 10% each week. There are fun things like the Zombies Run app, or you can set up training plans towards 7k or 10k. Or just run with no headphones, no tracking, just taking in the scenery. Personally, I didn't get on with the C25K+ podcasts although to be honest I only tried the Stepping Stones one. But you can chop and change all these things til you find what suits you, and keep posting on here too. The world's your oyster :)

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Get a skateboard? (The idea with that suggestion is that you hang onto it a bit longer than it takes to say, "Crazy", and just let it stimulate your brain into generating ideas for you). Winter is Coming, so you could learn the art of zombie hunting? Or figure skating. Or join a rock climbing gym, and dangle off things while kids worry about you.

Go hiking with some friends in the Pennines, maybe? Boulle? Pétanque? (I think that's just boulle). Do a scuba course, and spend some of Winter sweating on the Red Sea shores? Take up knife throwing, if you have the right kind of enemie you need to deal with.

The world is your oyster. Tuck in.


Parkrun. Enter a race or three and train for them. 5K, 10K, longer runs. Even join those of us that are a bit mad and enter a half marathon? Learn to enjoy running, take in the world around you as you run. Greet other runners you pass. Build on your confidence and just revel in being a RUNNER!

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