Injury Couch update - ligament rupture and the rest

Well, 3 months on from my "foot into the rabbit hole" moment on my first ever 5k event run, and I am still on the Injury Couch - having now had an MRI and seen the consultant, I have an osteochondral (sp?) defect (aka bone damage), and a ruptured ligament which both need a surgical repair. 6 weeks in a cast and off my foot for the duration. Not sure how I will ever get back to running so am pretty gutted. Anyone with any experience of either, please cheer me up?


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13 Replies

  • Ive no experience of any, but I wish you as quick a recovery as possible. i do believe you will run again.

  • I'm sorry! I think that you will heal though and get back to running. It will take time and patience, but the body is pretty amazing at rebuilding. Don't give up!

  • Oh Sara that sucks. Sorry you need to have an op but hopefully at the end you will feel so much better. Do you have a date for the op? I have no experience of your injuries but unless the drs have said you won't be able to run hopefully it will be something you can get back to. You were so close to the finish line when you fell - still can't believe that I saw you when you had your accident. Sending you a hug

  • I tore lots of ligaments in my leg, fractured my leg and one of the ligaments pulled a bone out of my ankle. Hurts, doesn't it?

    I didn't need surgery but 8 weeks in a cast and three months of physio. This was three years ago (pre running) and it's still not right now.

    The good news is that even though it's still not 100%, I've been running for a few months. and it feels fine!

    You might want to start swimming when you first start exercising again. You might not be able to run for a while but you will get there.

    Finally, we are all different so you might heal quickly and be able to run really soon. You're a lot fitter than I was when I fell.

    Sorry to hear of your injury.

  • I really feel your pain SaraV - I have not had your injury but this time last year (23rd August to be exact!) I was loving my running, in fact loving it so much I had been going out running for 3 miles every day for 4 weeks (big mistake not to tKe rest days I now realise!) then on that Saturday (having ignored a sore foot for a few days) I heard a pop along with severe pain and had fractured a metatarsal in my right foot! So that was how I ended up in a plaster cast, then a walking boot and was not allowed to run for at least 3 months. By which time, I had really lost my running mojo so didn't actually take up running again until May this year (9 months later!) - started back with the C25k programme and graduated a couple of weeks ago. This time last year I was feeling really deflated as you are but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel - you will get back to running again! Wishing you a speedy recovery - I agree with the swimming idea too as it will help strengthen your muscles until you are ready to pound the streets again!

  • Oh, so sorry to hear that Sara, what an awful time you're having. Having recently spent a long time on the I/C myself I know how frustrating it feels. I am sure that in time you will get back to your running again. For now though, best of luck with the surgery and rehab and look after yourself. Stay positive and believe - you will be out there running again.

    Take care.

  • I don't have experience of those injuries, and to be honest it seems reasonable to be feeling a bit down, but I'm sure you will run again. I am on the injury couch too, mine is a torn calf muscle that went on W1R2. I was feeling down but I'm now seeing a sports physio, so knowing that I'm doing something positive has made me feel better. The other thing that cheers me up is buying clothes for when I start running again - Amazon currently have big reductions on sportswear. And maybe spend time making a playlist if you haven't already. It's part of your preparation for running again. Good luck!!

  • I'm so sorry, like most I don't have any knowledge of your injury but I have always found it Is good to let everyone know what you want to do and what is important to you. I have found with doctors once they know where you are trying to get to they will give you the correct advice that is relevant to you and that is one of the best things that you can do for your recovery, you might think it's too soon to mention it to them but it isn't. An active doctor will tell you other things you can do while waiting to heal that won't injure yourself also it puts you on the right path for a physio who understands your need to run rather than just get you back on your feet. Happy healing and we are always here for you.

  • Massive sympathies, Sara. I spent about 5 months on the IC this year after tripping and breaking my ankle. My physio thinks I had an undiagnosed broken metatarsal too. I also broke a toe on the other foot. It's horrible, isn't it? My injuries were nowhere near as serious as yours sound, but the consultant at the hospital told me to expect my foot to hurt constantly for at least a year.

    Seven months on, thanks to my lovely physio who took the Consultant's words as a personal challenge, I'm running again and have worked my way back to w5 of the programme. I wouldn't claim to be completely pain free but the discomfort I do feel is worst first thing in the morning and actually seems to be helped by running.

    My best advice to you is to try and find a way to maintain your aerobic fitness. Six weeks of sitting still, followed by a further period of very reduced mobility, has played havoc with mine. When I did c25k originally, I found that my heart and lungs could run for longer than my legs. This time, my legs seem to be fine but I get out of breath very quickly. I really wish I'd done something, anything, to protect my basic fitness during those weeks of enforced idleness. I'm sure, if I'd had the wit to think of it, I could have found some exercises geared towards people in wheelchairs that would have prevented the loss of fitness I currently trying to recover from.

    Very best of luck Sara. Keep reading the posts on here during your convalescence. I found it the perfect way to remain connected with running, so there was never a time when I thought I'd give up. Try to post your progress every now and then so you feel part of the community and, when all else fails, read reviews of running shoes, so you know exactly which ones you want to get when you're finally allowed out again. xxx

  • That sucks Sara. Even though the recovery is going to be long and, no doubt, frustrating, I am sure that your enthusiasm will mean that you will be champing at the bit as the time to get out and run nears.

    All the best. x

  • Oh Sara, I am so sorry to hear this.

    Sending you lots of healing thoughts and big hugs ((( ))) xxx

  • Oh I'm sorry to hear about your injury and I can truly sympathise how it's made you feel a bit down. I am no dr, but believe with time, patience and physio you will bounce back and start running again. I don't have any personal experience of your particular injury, but I have my own personal story to go by. A couple of years ago I was in back spasm for 2 months, I couldn't drive or stay in any given position for any length of time without freezing up - a year in near constant agony. I don't tell you my story for sympathy, but merely to offer you some hope. Lots of physio and strengthening exercises and I have only had 2 bouts of spasms in the last 2 years. Three years since the onset I am on week 8 of c25k. As you start to recover and gain strength you will learn the ability to listen to your body, know when to takes things slow, when to push on. But bodies really are very resillient things. Good luck X

  • You are all lovely and have some excellent advice....and encouraging words. You have cheered me up for the first time in the last 10 weeks. And made me think maybe I can get back to it, eventually. I don't have a date for the op yet, but I am hoping start of October. I will keep you posted, and when I am off my feet for six weeks, I will lie here and read all your posts with interest (and a bit of jealousy!). xxx

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