Week 2 done and dusted?!!!

Ok so I just finished week 2! Wahoo! I found the run ok but the breathing technique I can not get for some strange reason! Also Laura keeps telling me to land on the ball of my foot. I try too but I mostly land on the side of my foot. If I do try and land on the ball it hurts my legs.

I am not sure if I should carry on with week 3 on Monday or try week 2 again?


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  • Woohoo, yay, fabulous! You did it!

    Give week 3 a go. If it doesn't pan out you can always return to week 2. Don't let trepidation hold you back x

  • That is what I was thinking. I will sdo week 3. I think this morning I wasn't feeling it. My heel is still very sore and I just felt quite demotivated.

    I will come on Monday morning before I go out because that always gives me motivation.

    Thank you so much for your post this morning!!!

  • Come on honey, let's do this together xxx

  • I never got the breathing thing that Laura said to do - I stopped trying and breathe how it feels natural to me. Also the ball of the foot thing - ignore that too! I think for most people mid foot landing is recommended - works for me anyway :o)

  • Thank you for writing that because I think that is what kind of put me of my stride. It must of worked for you or else you wouldn't be a graduate πŸ˜€

  • The breathing and ball of foot thing also didn't work for me. But it is good to at least try and get a sense of awareness of how you're breathing, i.e. slow down if you find you're breathing too fast, and the same with how you land on your feet, try to be aware of how you land, work out what works for you and feels comfortable, and be alert to any changes.

  • I agree with Arietty - land mid-foot, below your hip. Your breathing sorts itself out, we're all different!

    As for the next run.. Why are you putting off Week 3? Go for it, week 2 is done and dusted!

  • Thank you. Maybe I am having some self doubt but I shouldn't because I have got this far and nothing has happened so far. Well just this blinking blister on my left heel but that will get better now I have some proper cream for it. πŸ˜€

  • Have you looked at getting double-layer running socks? That solved blisters for me. But they're not cheap. I got one pair in the beginning and had to hand wash it after every run so it was ready for the next run! But totally worth it (I now have three pairs :) )

  • Thank you I will look into getting a pair for myself.

  • Don't let the gremlins take over. Onwards and forwards! Check out why the shoe is rubbing - if the blister comes from running, that is. There are special plasters for blisters - bought yesterday, as I have one that popped under my toe, and the last two runs have been messy business. I'm waiting till tomorrow an hoping it will be better :(

  • I went to the pharmacy yesterday, she suggested I should go to the nurse because she thinks its infected but I couldn't be bothered so I'll just let it get better on its own.

  • Give it a some help, though. Like a bit of TCP and a plaster will make it feel loved.

  • I have some Germolene that the lady suggested and put some on last night and this morning and it is looking a lot better than it was.

  • I agree, I am on week 7 next week and find focussing on breathing in a set pattern is not natural. I think Laura is right, if you can maintain good deep relaxed breathing, it is going to see you through each week well.

    I just breathe in and out slowly at a pattern that is comfortable to me, relax my chest and lungs too. This has taken me now up to being able to do 25 minute runs and never feeling out of breath.

    The other thing is keep a steady pace, every week, there are going to be new challenges and if you keep it to a pace where you can breathe well, your heart rate is reasonable,myou will be able to do it and even progress on to the next session.

    You can see your pace improve slowly as the run times increase but it will happen naturally. The programme progresses at a rate that is achievable physically. In the early stages my mind was telling me there is no way I can run for 3 minutes but it was wrong because I did.

    If you get aching or burning in your calves, I found focussing on relaxing those muscles as you run allows the pain to go quickly, don't know y but it worked for me!


  • Thank you Julie. I really appreciate you giving me advice. You are right it will all fall into place and I need to just focus on running.

  • Only 6 weeks ago, I was just starting, can't believe a few weeks later I have some thoughts to share, if I save u some pain, I am pleased and I have had so much encouragement and support from everyone on the forum (and we are in it together to win it)!


  • JoolieB1 is a sage one.

    I have done W8 R2 - just come back in. I did W1 R3 with my son this morning and was saying to him (get me, being able to run and talk at the same time!) that supposedly you are to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and breathe in for a count of 4 and then out or something. I told him that I have never been able to master that. I just breathe rythmically and deeply in a way that feels natural and it works for me. I also find, getting into the breathing rhythm during the warm-up walk prior to the run aides me. Otherwise I am so focussed on getting through the run, I forget all about it, my breathing goes to pot and actually makes the whole process harder!

    As for foot striking, I have never been able to do the ball of the foot thing either. It feels unnatural. I agree with Arietty too, I land mid-sole. As long as you are not striking the heel which sends the shock up through your ankles or knees, you should be fine.

    I worry that you are putting off moving on a week due to not being able to master these things rather than not completing the week.

    Forget these methods if they are not working for you. It sounds like you are doing fine otherwise. Week 3 awaits. The more and longer you run, the more you will find your own pace and pattern. It will come.

  • I am going to start week 3 on Monday.πŸ˜€ I know it's going to be a lot harder but that is what this program is about. I am really looking forward to the next part of this journey. I was just having a little bit of a wobble this morning.

  • Crikey - been there done that (the wobble I mean).

    Strangely, the weeks get harder but we still enjoy them and go out and do it again. Bonkers.

  • Yes I think we all must be a little bonkers to enjoy putting ourselfs through this but it is worth it in the end πŸ˜€

  • Well done Tvarley, we are making nearly identical progress because I finished Week2 yesterday :) I couldn't get the breathing right either! I seemed to be breathing fine unless I stopped to think how I was actually breathing. I couldn't do it when I was thinking about it. Feel like I wasted valuable energy worrying about it when I had been ok before.

    I'm going to try going straight into Week 3 tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be too big a step up. You've done really well to get this far, why not try week 3 too? :)

  • Oh I most certainly will trying week 3 on Monday. I was just having a bit of wobble this morning. Woke up feeling rubbish and just could not get motivated. Laura messed up again which is really P***ing me off. Just getting into my stride and look down to see how long I have left and Laura has disappeared. Managed to Get her back but she decided she wanted to repeat herself 3/4times for the last 15minutes. I got to the end and felt great for doing it πŸ˜€

    I will be looking out for your post tomorrow. Good luck and well done for getting this far


  • oh I think we are all entitled to wobbles now and then, I'm sure I'm due one any time. Rubbish about the app, have you tried the podcasts? I will update you on my progress tomorrow :)

  • So many people complain about the app. I have never used it so I am quite lucky. The podcasts are great. They are basically MP3's like songs, so you just start them and they run through to the end. No glitches or problems. You know exactly where you are.

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