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Week 3 done and dusted


Felt a bit easier tonight and I managed to smash 1 minute 14 seconds per kilometre off of Tuesdays time. Such a buzz tonight and I actually enjoyed it. For the first time, I wasn’t counting down the time but focusing on the music instead. Not too sure what’s happening to me but I’m enjoying this!

Next week will need to be much slower as the 5 minute runs creep into the programme but as long as I make a bit of progress in some way from one run to the next, then I’m happy.

Hope you’re all having a good night 😁

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WTG Sarah... amazing isn’t it that you worry about running before you start and end up getting such a buzz and wondering why you every worried about.

Hat off to you for another week completed and look forward to seeing your post, when you smash week 4


Sarah_lou18Graduate in reply to swisstony4

Definitely! My dad ran marathons many years ago and I never understood why he would want to do that. I think I’m finally understanding it.

Thanks very much for your support. Hope you’re having a fantastic week!

Well done you looks like your getting into your own flow now... keep going your doing amazing 😉

Sarah_lou18Graduate in reply to Tricky2836

Thanks so much. Hope you’re having a good week as well 👍

Yeah pretty good ta 😀

Sarah_lou18Graduate in reply to Tricky2836

Brilliant, well done to you too


Well done, that's great!! See, you're getting the bug now :-) it's always great when we get that little encouragement of realising we've run faster too. Just remember as the run lengths increase, it's not a race, feel free to pace yourself rather than overdo it.

All the best though, you are doing great :D

Sarah_lou18Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks so much. Next week will definitely need to be slower because the length of the run is increasing. If I can go even a second or two faster between the first run of the week and the last run of the week, I’m happy with that, no matter what the numbers are. X

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Sarah_lou18

Just forget speed at this point... enjoy the runs:)

Blimey that's an amazing reduction in time. Lovely to see you're enjoying it

Sarah_lou18Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for the support. X


Relax into the runs and take it slow and steady... no need for speed. Slow and steady and enjoy!

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