Second heckle

After saying the other day I had pnly once been heckled while running, I got a second upleasant comment today, three times.

I went for a little run at Stourhead while my family walked the dog in the woods. I did 5 laps of the lake. There were a fair few other visitors there, some of who were amused as I passed them multiple times and made encouraging or humourous commets. Except one cantakerous old curmudgeon. As I passed him and his group the first time, he stopped and glared at me hands on hips, in the middle of the path. I went round him and thought little of it.

Second time around, he saw me coming from further away and as I drew level hissed "Showoff!"

I was quite surprised at this - I was not running fast or in an ostentaious manner (I am not even sure how one does?) and even more so when he did it again, louder the next time round, and this time he really spat it out. His look was really venomous. He really didn't like me.

One more lap around and there he was again. However this time I had been mulling over an articulate and witty retort worthy of Oscar Wilde if he said it again.

He did. properly barking it this time. Nothing else each time just the two words (or one word?)

"Show off!"

My reply showed similar economy, indeed I actually borrowed the latter of his two words, changing only the first to a versatile Anglo-Saxon imperative.

Happily he took my suggestion because on my final turn around teh lake he was gone.

Some people just don't like runners. Sometimes I can't be bothered rising above it.


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34 Replies

  • Good on ya Rig - Grumpy Git ! :-) xxx

  • In plain English, I guess you simply told him F...... off! More chubby Brown style myself.

  • Good on you! Annoyed on your behalf.

  • A runner came past me on my limp the other day (at a point in which it was turning into a walk), and smiled as he went past, saying "Come along!" with a gesture to match. He did this to all us pedestrians as he carried on down that road, and everyone enjoyed the joke. Maybe he was showing off or something, but he did it in such a nice way that nobody would have minded if he was. Actually I think he was just enjoying that nice downhill so much he had to share it.

    But yes, someone like your curmudgeon would not have responded to a friendly approach. In fact it was very kind of you not to tell him he had sexy legs or that he was a cuddly cutie pie, but he would have to wait to next time for his hug. These are not very friendly friendly things to say ... to most people, actually.

  • Good for you.

    Oh and I so love the word curmudgeon!! Don't hear it often


  • Must be lots of lovely happy fun in his life ...........

    I pity people who choose to 'take' rather than spread a little happiness

  • I briefly considered sprinting straight at him for 50 yards or so with my War Face on, roaring, and chasing him into the lake, but, wisely, overcame that impulse.

    I did have some jolly exchanges with other walkers, including a disabled lady in a souped up mobility scooter-ish thing who raced me for a short stretch.

    Most Muggles are alright. It's just the few bad apples...

  • Oh I really wish you had sprinted at him, that would have been hilarious!

  • Now that would definitely have been a sight to behold!!

  • Ha ha , Yes !! You should have given him a firemans lift and run towards the lake , that would've shown him youre not to be messed with ! :-D xxx

  • Poppypug stop putting ideas in our heads! :)

  • Tee hee, I know, Im naughty , I cant help myself ! :-D xxx

  • Can't see this at work Rignold - I will check it out when I get home!

  • Cor Blimey ! :-) xxx

  • What a picture!

  • Oh you should if you see him again! Good on you for not tolerating his sniping.

  • Possibly something to do with being in an NT site? Genteel strollers only? Lovely gardens though.

  • Someone should force him to stand on Poplar High Street for the entire duration of the London Marathon. The runners have done what I've been told is the most arduous part all around the Isle of Dogs, and are now just starting the long straight section heading West towards The Mall. It's a great point to stand to cheer them on and one of the least crowded. The kids hold their hands out for runners to high five them as they go past, and a fair few of them do. Some women stand at the beginning, handing out bananas to anyone who'll take one - it looks like they've just brought them themselves, bought with their own money. I always get swept up with it all, and grin and shout manically when people I know go past, and shout out 'you can do it, keep going' to anyone who'll hear me. Never seen anyone even vaguely curmudgeonly lining those streets. And there's def plenty of showoffs running, wearing all sorts!

  • Sounds fantastic!

  • Hehe Rig :D the sight of you strutting your stuff must have really threatened his masculine pride. You said he was with a group, so perhaps he's used to being the alpha male. Despite the fact that we c25kers are normally such polite folk, can't honestly blame you for breaking out the AngloSaxon in the face of such provocation! ;)

  • Hilarious, love it! Well said :) Bizarre insult from the old chap, though wasn't it?! Someone called me a "fruitcake" recently, which I felt was actually quite charming in a way. Mind you, that was the day I got lost and ended up running 12k instead of 10, so perhaps he was right...

  • Maybe it was an offer? I would have said, 'Oooh lovely, 1 sweetner in the coffee too please.'

    There are some odd-bods about.

    Hmmmm......fruitcake *drools*

  • I have a small plan for when I'm in my 90s and too doddery to run, I will have a water stall on the prom to offer free drinks to runners. Perhaps fruitcake should be added to the menu :)

  • Oh I like that idea!

  • Oh, dear. How sad. He probably goes there every day with a check-list of people to insult every day - including runners, women with prams, cyclists, children on skateboards and anyone else who has a life.

    Your guy could be my NFH (neighbour from hell), in fact - he spends his entire life watching, criticizing and insulting those around him, instead of doing something with his own life whilst he still has time. I would feel sorry for him, but I don't have the time.

  • They are just jealous mate. Nothing stopping him from getting off his couch. But that is just too inconvenient for some.

    Keep up the good work and ignore such idiots. Or tell them that you will race them :-)

  • Perhaps you'd split your shorts again? :)

  • Ha ha ! :-D xxx

  • Good one Rig!

    It's true that that happens really rarely - I did hear a comment for the first time only a couple of weeks ago - two ladies walking and one going "died of a heart attack " quite loudly as I ran by ... :)

  • Charming. Merits a trainer in the gob. Or a downwind fart.

  • Grumpy old beggar! Jealousy is a terrible thing! :)

  • He sounds a right Victor Meldrew! Silly old duffer

  • Ok. I love how you described what you said to him. You had me in stitches! Good for you. What an old turd.

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