Injury couch

I could weep.

I fell out of a tree yesterday, about 12 feet down. I broke my fall about halfway on the stump of a cut branch, which probably saved me from breaking my legs at the bottom, but also broke three of my ribs. Well cracked two and broke one completely. It could have been a lot worse and I didn't puncture a lung or anything. Painwise, it obviously hurt when I did it, and it knocked all the wnd out of me which is an expereince I had forgotten all about how horrid it is, but whilst I was sore yesterday, dosed up with painkillers I did allow myself a wry smile when they said 4-6 weeks off exercise, and thought I'll give it a few days then easeback in gently.

Until I woke after a night of terrible sleep - it is impossible to lie in any positio comfortably - and couldnot lever myself to a sitting position, let alone get off the bed. Or stand, sit, breathe, cough, go to the loo, bend, stretch, turn, lift... nothing at all. I can't even squat!

4-6 weeks? It looms ahead like a prison sentence. I have no idea what I am going to do. Marathon training is completely nadgered.


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38 Replies

  • Oh dear !! What were you doing in the tree ? Not more obstacle training ? Sorry to hear you are in so much pain and hope it eases off soon. Take it easy and LISTEN to your body. Best wishes....

  • That sounds painful, I am so glad that I ain't the only adult that likes climbing trees, even though my mum has told me not to hehe, I hope you heal soon, the 4-6 weeks will fly by, it won't seem like that at the moment, but it will, I sprained both wrists and it was 2 months before I could start physio but the months flew by, I wish you a speedy painless recovery and your up and running again in no time but don't rush back in to running too soon, I say that from experience,

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Oh no!!! That is awful- i hope you get pain free and more comfortable soon!! Thank goodness it wasn't your leg you broke or a punctured lung!!! I would certainly listen to the doctors and take the 4-6weeks and don't even be tempted to do ANY exercise as you heal!!! Take care and lets hope for a speedy recovery 4Weeks rather than 6 weeks.

  • Jeesh, Rignold, if you decide to do anything you do it good & proper... :( What on earth were you doing so high up in a tree? (- and don't say "climbing it'.) All my sympathy for the next few days, wishing you lorry loads of patience to wait till it gets sorted (don't be tempted to shorten the healing time, you may regret it later).

  • I had to laugh at you saying '(- and don't say "climbing it'.)' I'm sorry, it's just personal experiences from when people say that to me :)

  • Grown ups are supposed to go up trees to save kittens and damsels in distress who have fallen out of a super hero's helicopter. Not play in them. Rignold, were you doing either of those?

  • Oh no!!! You don't do things by half!!! It does sound awful but it also sounds like it could have been much worse. Take care and look after yourself. You'll have to set yourself a mental challenge to keep yourself focused!

  • Blimey Rig! Loads of good wishes for a speedy recovery and I hope you have a more comfortable night. Don't rush into anything.....mind you I expect I'm wasting my words given your reputation! X 😊

  • Oh noooo! My first reaction was also, predictably, what on earth were you doing up in a tree? My second reaction, hot on the heels of the first, was profound sympathy. It sounds horrifically painful and so frustrating to have the marathon training so rudely interrupted.

    Rest up and recover! The running will be waiting for you.

  • Bleedin heck Rig, you really know how to do it....

    Just make sure you do what you're told by the medical experts & you'll be back up & running sooner than you think ☺

    Take care of yourself man. x

  • Oh no! Sounds horrible but count your lucky stars that it wasn't much worse. I hope the pain and discomfort ease very soon so that you can try to enjoy your enforced rest.

  • Oh Rig, that's awful, however, you are probably in a better state due to your level of fitness. But, DO NOT ignore Drs orders (I'm talking as a nurse now) take your pain killers regularly - a must. Allow your body to heal, 4-6 weeks? More likely at least 6 and no less - as for trying to sneak in some exercise, I doubt your sore ribs will let you.

    Allow yourself some tlc man, you are not a robot!

    Take care of yourself


  • No, no, no Rignold that's bad. I really feel for you but, as you say, it could have been a lot worse. It could have been better too. But just think this will play so well in that book/film about your adventures! Slow motion would be very dramatic. (Sorry, it's just my humour). I'm really very sympathetic and hope you listen to your body and do nothing until it heals.

    Sending you lots of "get well quick" wishes.

  • That's a bummer! But your lucky its not worse, its bad enough. The crust is the thing you dont want to bang.

    My tumble was enough when I slipped on some wallpaper paste and came down the stairs. I'll always take big safety precautions now when going higher than standard step ladder height, Hope you recover OK soon.

  • Oh oh! Wishing you a fast recovery!!!

  • Ack. That's awful, hopefully you don't go stir crazy. Take it easy.

  • Looking forward to hearing why you were in this tree. Take it very easy and hope you heal as quickly as possible.

  • Oh Rig !!! Im shocked and stunned !

    I broke a rib many years ago and I can still remember the pain. It hurt to breathe !

    Please take it easy, our very own Warrior and Action Man :-)

    Sending you lots of TLC and healing thoughts xxx

  • Really sorry - keep those painkillers topped up.

  • Smörgåsbord of hard cheese. How awful. Thinking positively, nice to be waited on for a while? (And what exactly were you doing up that tree?...) Best wishes for a speedy recovery :D

  • Think of 4-6 weeks as a range for more to less fit people. Friends of mine with high levels of fitness have tended to heal bones etc quickly. Perhaps it will be 4 weeks or less... But in meantime don't breathe in too deeply, and keep us updated. Lots of luck!

  • Oh rotten 'ell Rig! What an absolute crock of shite!

    You must be in agony! Cracked ribs hurt worse than broken ones so they say. You have both so can compare!

    4-6 weeks! Oh well, there's some good tennis on telly. I'll budge up.

  • That sounds horrible, hope you recover quickly.

  • oh rignold! were you competing with your kids in a tree climbing comp? or trying your hand a tree surgery? :X whatever, it sounds painful! get well soon, don't make it worse by going out too soon!

  • Ouch! I have cracked a rib in the past (just the one mind you) and I remember how awful it was. Hope you heal quickly and I'm sure you will as long as you don't do too much too soon.

  • Oh I feel your frustration Rignold. Doesn't life deal you the worst lemons? Just work with your physio and do whatever exercise they allow. You'll be back!

  • Oh heck! Take it easy, follow the docs orders and use the time to plan your assault on a recovery plan.

    Good luck and make sure you are well and truly pampered.

  • Oh you poor thing, that's totally bollo($.... I hope they have given you enough painkillers? I really feel for you. I was training for my first marathon last year and had to drop it as I was on the couch for 6 weeks with weekly physio. It was hard and I hated it. I'd say just try and accept and use the time reading and planning and doing as much other exercise as is feasible.... 😎

  • Oh sh*tbags! Really sorry to hear that. You're going to have to learn to actually take it easy for a bit; if you're tempted not to, remember bones are healing and once they're healed, if you've got them all wonky by ragging them about, they're going to stay all wonky.

    Pimms, a good audiobook and a deckchair in the sun?

    Get well soon.

  • Sending you get well wishes Rig, bad news indeed. Perhaps you could use the time to make yourself a second medal board for when you're back.....should keep you quiet for 5mins ;) :) Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  • Bummer! That must be so frustrating. Occupy yourself by doing some mental training perhaps? After all running is half body half mind. I once read that athletes imagine themselves break records/doing really great stunts etc so that it trains your body what to expect. Worth a shot!

    Get better soon :)

  • Rig, that is a steaming pile of ordure, it really is. Bloody gravity why did they have to invent it? Still it could have been worse I suppose. Hope you can control the pain in the meantime, and do take care.

  • Ouch! I am so sorry for you :( Having broken ribs before, I can really sympathise because it seems that you need them to do anything. Here's hoping that you can a) manage to follow all the medical advice about resting properly and b) amaze them all by healing faster than anyone they've ever seen before. And keep those painkillers topped up!

  • Oh no Rignold, so sorry to hear this. Sending positive recovery thoughts.

  • Crikey Rig, like everyone has said, what on earth were you doing climbing up a tree?? Not often done by grown ups.. ;-)

    I did have that incident last summer when I was chased by cows so had to vault over a stile..

  • wishes for a very speedy recovery x

  • just caught up with your post, sorry to hear that... broken bones, no EASY/ quick way to recover sadly.... any boxed sets of TV you haven't caught up with? errr have you read the complete Game of Thrones? ( hint- dont!) .. a skill to learn that you always wanted to ? ( apart from tree climbing , obviously)

    'cos sadly EVERY thing i can find about running and broken ribs says.. ' dont!' ( no doubt you have looked too) ...

    You could try carving chess pieces out of soapstone and alabaster with a rock hammer?

  • One goes away just for one week-end and look what happens! Sorry to hear that is why your on the IC.., hope it will go away soon

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