Whoop whoop! Completed week 5, run 1 this morning in the rain :)

Route starts off uphill, so once my first 5 min section was over I knew the others would be better, as flattens off.

Most of the route is on a bridlepath, so quite uneven terrain with ruts and plenty of mud and puddles this morning. Hoping if I did the same distance but on the road it would feel easier? Will I be fitter if I do C25K 'off road' compared to along flat tarmac? What do you think?

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  • You'll be ok for the "tough mudders" races lol xxHH

  • They look too scary at the moment! :)

  • Hi AbracaDeborah!

    Well done you!!!! I'm so jealous!!! Well, due to my left calf giving me bother, I have left running for a couple of days extra. I will be doing W4 Run 1 again on monday .. all being well.

    I'll be following your brilliant progress as an incentive to keep going!

    Good luck


  • Good luck for tomorrow then Lucy, good idea to have rested up if you've got an injury, and take it gently. We can do this! :)

  • Wow! Way to go you!!!! You must be both proud and happy ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

  • Certainly feel like I'm achieving something every time I complete a run, nice feeling :) good luck with your running next week :)

  • I started on a treadmill but then after a week, went outside and love it. I think it is better preparation for a 5K race to be outside and much easier to adapt pace and balance when you are used to uneven surfaces. I guess it will develop agility and leg strength in a different way to flat running on Tarmac and I am hoping sticking to grass will minimise injury and impact too

  • Hi Joolie, it's great being outside isn't it :) although this morning I had rain and even some thunder...so ended up with soggy trainers and socks!

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